What’s Your Parenting Style, Based On Your Favorite Sitcom

Though it might surprise you to hear as we often write off television and media entirely, the shows that a person likes/is drawn towards truly says a lot about who they are as a person. The type of humour, as well as the characters that they relate to, can show which traits and beliefs they tend to value.

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One could also get a good insight into the type of parent that a person might by looking at the sitcoms and examples of ficitional parenthood that they tend to relate to and admire. Today we will examine the kind of parenting style a person might prefer based on their feelings towards several popular American sitcoms.

10 Friends- Unconventional

Something that is truly fascinating about the show Friends is the fact that each of the main female characters gets to experience motherhood in an unconventional way. Monica adopts, Rachel tackles motherhood on her own, and Phoebe acts as a surrogate.

Parents who love this show might find that they prefer more unconventional parenting methods and tend to avoid traditional things. This could result in them buttings heads with their in-laws and parents whenever they offer tried and true advice but can end up with truly fascinating and wonderful children.

9 Community- Creative

Community is one of the most creative adult sitcoms that has aired in the past decade and fans of the show tend to be rather special people in their own right.

Parents who enjoy this show might prefer more creative parenting methods. Rather than groundings and time-outs, they might prefer role-playing or venting circles as a way of helping a child communicate their motivations and needs rather than being punished for their behavioural missteps.

8 Modern Family- Find The Humour

Modern Family is, without a doubt, one of the funniest shows on television. Parents who identify with the families shown in this show might find that they tend to de-escalate situations by looking for the humour in them.

A person can get through anything if they learn how to laugh about the crummy/less than ideal things that happen to them. These parents could teach their children to change their perspective and find the humour in the moments that seem to weigh them down.

7 How I Met Your Mother- On The Same Level

How I Met Your Mother is a sitcom which focuses on a group of friends, from different walks of life, in a period of life where all of their paths intersect.

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Fans of this show might find that the parenting style they prefer is one where the child is seen as an equal member of the family to the adults around them. These parents will give their children the chance to voice their opinion on matters that affect the entire family.

6 Smart Guy- Respect Their Individuality

Smart Guy is a show about a single father raising his three vastly different children. One remarkable thing about this show is that he never encourages the children to act more like their siblings; as he respects who each child naturally is.

Parents who love this show are likely to prioritize a parenting style which focuses on the individual needs of their children and how one might need to change up their parenting style with each child as the same methods might not work on all of them.

5 Reba- Help Them Whenever You Can

Reba is an American sitcom which follows a family during a large transitional period in their lives. Even though things are not going as plan, the family does their best to make the best of it and help each other out.

Parents who identify with this show might be the types who believe that family is about helping each other out. Some parents believe in a rather hands-off approach that allows children to figure out how to navigate the world on their own. But these parents might believe that the best way to help their child is to help them out when they need it.

4 New Girl- Honesty Is The Best Policy

Though quirky and unconventional, one of the central themes in New Girl is the fact that honesty is truly the best policy. The majority of the conflicts that occur within the shows seven-season run are ones that can be easily solved by simply being honest with those around them.

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Parents who love this show might believe that honesty is the best way to go about raising a child. These parents will sait their children's curiosity with age-appropriate yet honest answers about how the world works. This honesty can foster a truly loving and trusting environment in the home.

3 Boy Meets World- Traditional

Boy Meets World is a traditional sitcom which follows its lead character through his formative years.

Parents who prefer this more traditional format might end up preferring more traditional parenting methods. These methods include established bedtimes, placing the parents above the children in the family hierarchy, grounding-based punishments for misbehaving, and seeing one's children as children now and friends when they grow up.

2 Brooklyn Nine-Nine- Case By Case Basis

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a modern sitcom and police procedural that is known for its goofy antics and emotionally touching serious moments.

Parents who love this show might find that a more fluid parenting style is the best choice for them. These parents will take every bump as it comes and will use whatever parenting method that they feel best suits the situation at hand.

1 Malcolm In The Middle- Realistic

When it first premiered, fans praised Malcolm In The Middle for providing and honest and realistic look at parenting in the modern world. Many fans grew tired of the picture perfect sitcoms of the past, as they looked nothing like the lives its viewers were living, and craved something that they could relate to.

Parents who prefer this realistic sitcom might be the kind of parents that prefer a more realistic parenting style. Simply put, parenting is not easy and adult life can be really hard. These parents might not hide these harder moments from their children. Though they would never burden their kids with something that could upset them, these parents might be more likely to admit when they were wrong or when they are having a hard day.

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