Six Great Parenting Techniques For Infants Recommended By Expert

Try to follow all six of these expert parenting tips with your little ones and parent life might just get that little bit easier to handle.

As you prepare for the arrival of a child, many of you will likely read books and online articles by the boatload in order to prepare. That might even be why you're reading this right now. The trouble is, as highlighted by Romper, most of those books and articles are written with one specific baby in mind. Every baby and parent is different, which is why this expert's take is a little different.

Parenting coach Joshua Castillo has provided six parenting tips that don't focus on just the one child. Number one: it starts with you. When your baby is two months old, if it's your first, that makes you a two-month-old parent. Don't pressure yourself to be the perfect parent from day one. You are learning as you go, the same as your baby.

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Next, harking to the point we made above, not everything you will read will apply to you and your baby. Just because your little one is or isn't doing something others have classified as "normal" doesn't mean you should panic. Number three is don't be afraid to move slowly when your baby is crying. If you run to their rescue and arrive immediately every time, it will signify that whenever something is even slightly wrong, screaming will get it fixed.

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Something a great many parents are guilty of is letting their own childhood experiences dictate how they raise their own children. Perhaps you had a bad experience with a certain food and you haven't eaten it since. It would be unfair to deprive your kids of that food. They might love it. That goes hand-in-hand with not judging other parents. Imagine how you'd feel if you discovered that other moms and dads were criticizing the way you raise your children.

Last but most definitely not least is talking your way through your baby's infancy. For many parents, most of the day is spent with a tiny human that can't talk back. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be talking to them. Not only will it help your baby learn and develop, but it will help you maintain your sanity. Otherwise, in some cases, parents can go entire days without saying a word, and that is just not healthy.

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