10 TV Shows About Raising Kids That Every Mom Should Be Watching

There have been TV shows about families and parents raising their kids since television started. Those types of shows are great for the whole family to watch because they are relatable to everyone.

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Moms can understand the struggles with taking care of the family and house, Dads can relate to being the go-to person whenever something needs fixing, and kids relate to the school and family struggles they see on the screen. These shows are successful because so many people see themselves in the characters. Here are ten shows about raising kids that will make you laugh and cry because you can relate to the mom and everything she is going through.

10 The Middle

The Middle is a show that every mom can relate too if they have three kids. This show follows the Hecks, a lower class family just trying to make ends meet while getting their kids through school.

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If one of your kids is popular while the other is more in tune with their own beat, The Middle is for you. With Frankie, the mom, trying to get her kids to get along and having to take multiple trips to the school to see the teachers/guidance counselors. Many viewers should relate to Frankie's life with her unique kids.

9 Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is a fan favorite between moms and daughters across the country. Gilmore Girls follows a single mother, Lorelai, and her teenage daughter, Rory, as they try to get Rory through a prestigious prep school so she can go to her dream college.

Moms can sympathize with Lorelai, who is willing to do anything for her daughter when it comes to school, boys, or the rest of their family. Seeing Lorelai and Rory interact is the type of relationship we hope to have with our little ones as they grow into the person they need to be.

8 Parenthood

Any parent that is close to their family will love the show Parenthood. The series follows three generations of a family who live by the San Francisco Bay. As this show tells stories about divorce and adoption, you will always feel the love this family's members hold for each other.

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This show will also remind moms that, even if your kids are older and now have a family of their own, you will still be needed to provide them a helping hand. So, if you need a show that shows the good times, as well as the bad, Parenthood is worth checking out.

7 American Housewife

With everything she goes through with her family, you do not need to be a housewife to love and feel for Katie. American Housewife will make moms feel not alone, especially those with children who are either overly ambitious kids or unbelievably snarky.

You’ll instantly understand how Katie feels when people don’t think she does much throughout the day, even though she takes care of the house and her family. Share in her frustration, as Katie's kids ask for something she already said no too. Watch the most relatable housewife on T.V and check out this show.

6 Odd Mom Out

If you have ever felt like you do not fit in with the mom groups in your town, then Odd Mom Out is going to be your favorite show. Odd Mom Out follows a fictionalized version of Jill Kargman (called Jill Weber) as she tries to navigate the Mom groups of the Upper East Side.

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For those who find themselves trying and failing to be the cool parents for their kids, Jill knows exactly how you feel. Embrace your parenting style and watch Odd Mom Out.

5 The Goldbergs

Regardless of the era or generation, parents almost always have the same struggles when it comes to raising their kids. Sure somethings change, but overall parenting has remained consistent, and The Goldbergs proves it. Set in the 1980s, this show will still make you laugh while feeling the struggles that Beverly goes through raising three kids.

Any mom with creative kids will know what it’s like when one of her kids ask to be in a video they are making, and Beverly can relate. With two imaginative kids and one athlete, parenting can get crazy; however, this show will remind you that your family will always have your back.

4 The Detour

Have you and your family ever experienced a bad vacation? If the answer is yes, then you need to start watching The Detour. The Detour follows a family of four trying to enjoy a nice vacation away from school and work. Alas, such a task is never easy with two pre-teens.

Along with breaking up fights, these parents must overcome flat tires and brushes with the law to get to their final destination. This vacation will make them wish that they said home. If nothing else, enjoy realizing that someone else's vacation is going terribly and you do not have to deal with it.

3 Mom

Mom is about a single Mother, Christy, who is trying to get her life together after being an addict. We all know that life isn’t perfect and this show is not all about the good things that happen in life. This show isn’t afraid to get real. Anytime you feel like you might be a bad mom, watch this show to be reminded that, if you love your kids, you are doing fine.

For those looking for a show that can help them talk to their kids about more serious issues like addiction and teen pregnancy, then Mom may offer a few useful ideas.

2 This Is Us

Follow the lives of siblings Kevin, Kate, and Randall in the hit show This is Us. This is Us will pull at your heartstrings as you hear about the stories that this family has gone through to get where they are today.

If you ever feel like you are struggling with your children, this show will make you feel less alone while serving as a reminder that love between family members can get you through anything. Going through a tough time? Why not watch a show where family means everything?

1 Modern Family

Modern Family is a huge success for a reason. This show follows a father who gets a divorce and ends up marrying someone who is his adult kids' age. This huge family shows it is okay to love who you want and do what you want in life.

Any parent who has struggled with adoption should relate to two of the parents in this show. Moms will relate to all of the parents, as the characters watch their kids grow and make mistakes in Modern Family.

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