Parenting With Anxiety Expertly Depicted in Viral Video

Trying to manage motherhood while battling anxiety is no joke, and Tiffany Jenkins captures just how crippling it can feel in her viral video series Living With Anxiety Be Like

Life with anxiety provides enough hardship as it is, and becoming a mom adds a whole host of new concerns to fret over. It's hard for those without this condition to relate, and Tiffany's video helps to bring the issue out into the open in a way that helps others understand.

Tiffany plays two parts in the videos: herself and a personification of her anxiety, in which she dons black clothing and goth style make up. From the moment she wakes up, her anxiety assaults her with threats and warnings. Sometimes she responds in anger, while other times she submits and agrees to the negative self-talk. In either case, we see her lashing out at her kids as she hurries them to get out of the house or doesn't permit them to attend sleepovers after her anxiety draws her attention to exaggerated fears and worries.


Tiffany's Youtube channel, Juggling the Jenkins, provides a humorous and relatable resource reminding women that it's okay not to be perfect. Her unapologetic attitude coupled with a serious examination of life's struggles will make you laugh and cry, maybe at the same time.

Anxiety is a commonly skipped over topic when it comes to adjusting to mom life. We always seem to hear warnings about Post Partum Depression, but we hardly ever hear about anxiety. Post Partum Anxiety is, in fact, a separate and serious condition that women can develop in the early days of motherhood. PPD and PPA can cross over, or a mom might suffer from one or the other. So an anxious mom, who isn't depressed, might not realize she needs to reach out for help. She might just attribute her worries and sleepless nights to the transition of having a baby when she really needs to be reaching out to her doctor for help. Others around her may not realize that they need to step up and support her. This viral video sheds some light on Post Partum Anxiety and ongoing anxiety and hopefully will help women get help and feel heard.


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