Parents Whose Abuse Led To A Six-Month-Old Baby's Death Only Get 6 Years In Prison

A couple from Culver City, California have been sentenced to six years in prison after throwing their dead child into a trash bin. Adam Manson and Kiana Williams pleaded no contest to a charge of child abuse leading to death. While they are finally spending time behind bars, many argue that the sentence is too lenient.

Both Manson and Williams are chronic drug-users, so they were not always in the best condition to care for a baby. Authorities were alerted because the couple was not providing safe and sanitary conditions for their baby boy. Upon learning about their potential charges, the pair lived life on the run—living in their car or temporary housing like motels.

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On January 3rd, both parents were taken into custody after the Los Angeles police was called for reports of breaking into vehicles. The officer testified that they inquired about the baby, but they simply stated he wasn’t with them. The couple didn’t seem to be distressed or grieving, so authorities weren’t sure about the status of the baby at the time.

At first, the couple stated that their baby is under the care of someone else. However, as the case went on, they changed their story. The pair admitted to the detectives on the case that they’re both chronic methamphetamine users. On New Year’s Eve, they both got high, and they woke up in their motel room to find their son’s lifeless body. In a panic, they wrapped his remains, placed the body inside of a suitcase, and tossed it in a dumpster at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall.

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Authorities were not able to find Jacsun’s body despite a two-day, in-depth search of the landfill. The couple was sentenced to six years in prison for child abuse leading to death. If investigators find the baby’s body, then a charge of murder can be added to their case. As of now, there is no concrete evidence that they killed their baby; it is only certain that their neglect led to his death. After months of investigation, they are finally behind bars, but many believe that they deserve more than six years for taking away their son who wasn’t even able to live for a year.

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