Research Proves That Parents Never Stop Losing Sleep Over Children

There is no greater love than a parent's love for a child, and that love does not lessen just because the child grows up. New research has proven what many parents have been saying for years. They never stop losing sleep over their children, no matter the age.

According to Wonderneed, Penn State student Amber J. Seidel studied the relationship between parents worry over their children and their sleep habits to determine if the two were linked. She wanted to prove how family continues to be a central focus for most people's lives, even as they leave the nest and embark into adulthood. Seidel told CBS that most studies focus on parents and their young children, but she wanted to focus on life with parents and their adult children.

The Gerontologist published her study, which featured 186 middle-aged married couples. She used three central concerns to conduct her research, namely, how much support they offer their grown children, how much sleep they got each night and how stressed each couple was. It proved that the amount of stress and support parents have for their adult children significantly affected the amount of sleep each parent got at night.

As technology expands and parents keep in better contact with their grown children, the study indicated their stress levels also increased. In comparison, a majority of the couples revealed they were just as concerned if not more about their adult children then when their kids were younger. After all, parents have more control when a kid is younger, but when they are grown up, they have little to no control over any decisions that the child makes.

Seidel believes that more research is needed but the fact parents lose sleep over their grown children is likely affecting their health. Stress is always a health concern but even more so as parents enter the later years of life.

Parenting is a lifetime position, and there is no off button. Even if your child is 45, he or she will always be your baby. It is the greatest joy in life but also the most stressful one. There is a reason parents get little no sleep when a baby is born, that child is preparing them for a lifetime of sleep deprivation.


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