Parents In California Can Utilize New Baby Box Program For Safer Sleeping

Parents in California can now utilize the new baby box program for safer sleeping for their baby.

The statewide program was launched on Wednesday, as dozens of families gathered in downtown Los Angeles to participate. According to Sacramento TV station CBS13, any parent in the state can participate in the new program. The cardboard boxes were created by the Baby Box Company and are considered a safe sleep space for babies.

“We had actually implemented the program at some hospitals and found there was incredible parent demand. Every person having a child is now eligible for the baby box program,” said Jennifer Clary,who is one of the founders of Baby Box Company.

Clary shared that the company’s goal is to help educate and decrease infant deaths that are caused by unsafe sleeping environments. Each cardboard box comes with a mattress and a fitted sheet. Babies can sleep comfortably in the boxes until they are about six months old. Along with the California program, there are similar programs in ten other states.

Baby Box Company does not only provide the sleeping boxes, but other baby essentials as well. Each cardboard box given out at the tour event contains diapers and onesies for the baby. There is a stipulation regarding the program. All parents must complete a 20-minute online video course teaching them about safe sleep practices and other parenting topics.

Although this seems like a great idea based on what Baby Box Company founder has said, not everyone is on board with putting a sleeping baby in a box. American Academy of Pediatrics does not currently support the program or company. Plus, the consumer product safety commission has not vetted the cardboard boxes, which is definitely something all parents looking to participate in the program should be aware of.

A new program in California will allow parents to utilize a new baby box program, which promotes a safer sleeping space for babies. While not everyone is in agreement with the box program there does seem to be a common goal, which is reducing sudden infant death syndrome. Whether you agree with the program or not, one thing is for sure - it is a very interesting concept.

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