Parents Claim Kindergarten Students Are Kept In Cages Before Pick-Up

While people are waiting to send their kids off to school- whether it's for the first time or otherwise- others are already doing so in other parts of the world. With that comes the likelihood of you having to drop-off your child at school, and later picking them up to take them home. Unfortunately, how some schools handle such normal procedures are anything but normal.

Over in Carlsbad, New Mexico, one mom took notice of a "frightening" sight when picking up her kids from Early Childhood Education Center in the city. The mother- who asked to remain anonymous- revealed that she spotted kindergarten students being kept in cages while waiting to be picked up from school. She recalls the upsetting sight she saw before her.

"I went to go pick my son up from school...I noticed they had the children in cages," the mother explained. "You see something like that and it's just frightening. It makes you wonder what's going on when you're not there."

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In response, officials from Early Childhood Education Center claimed that these cages are designed to keep students safe while they wait to be picked up from school. The Superintendent, Gerry Washburn, vehemently denied that the kindergartners are kept outside in the cages for long periods of time.

“The assertions that kindergarten students at our Early Childhood Education Center are in cages in the hot sun for 30 to 40 minutes at dismissal are categorically false," Washburn asserted. "(Our) plan keeps students safe in shaded areas for approximately 15 minutes or less. The plan also creates an orderly dismissal process, significantly reduces parent wait times and reduces traffic backups."

But the anonymous mom who revealed this doesn't buy it for a split second.

It's putting them in danger, it's putting their little bodies in danger. They can get heat exhaustion... so many different things, like dehydration," she said.

Clearly, the school's practice of keeping young children inside outdoor cages while waiting for their parents to pick them up is rubbing some the wrong way. However, they may be some who agree with the decision to have such an enclosure. It's going to take quite a bit of time to see whether this continues to occur, or stops altogether.

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