Parents Hiking With Baby In Sub-Zero Temperatures Rescued From Mountains

Hiking is a fun activity that almost anyone can do. It's also something that you can enjoy with your children! However, like any other fun activity, things can quickly go south- whether you're prepared for such a scenario or not. In remote Tasmania, Australia, what was supposed to be a fun day of hiking soon turned into a nightmare for one young family.

Late last week, the unidentified family of three- which consisted of mom, dad, and their baby- had to be rescued from the Overland Track at Cradle Mountain in the Central Highlands of Tasmania. According to local police, they had been forced to stay there the night before in a tent due to "extremely cold and wet" weather conditions that had come on.

By last Wednesday, snow could be found through central Tasmania. Worse yet, temperatures at Cradle Mountain had dropped to below zero, which could've easily led to a tragedy for the family. These dire circumstances forced the parents to set off an emergency beacon by 7:30 AM local time last Thursday. Roughly three hours later, the trio was located and then rescued by a search party.

via Australian Geographic


It's great to learn that this family was able to be saved before it was too late. But this story brings about an important lesson concerning hiking safety. That's because a bushwalkers alert for snow had been issued for the Central Plateau last Wednesday by the Bureau of Meteorology. It has since remained in place ever since then. With more cold weather expected to hit Tasmania, experts have stressed that taking this important factor into consideration is important when deciding whether or not to hike.

"It's timely to remind anyone planning on hiking to give serious consideration to weather conditions prior to setting off," Inspector Steve Jones said.

Inspector Jones then went on to say, "Weather warnings are issued for safety and bushwalkers must amend their plans accordingly, including cancelling or postponing if necessary. Bushwalking while a weather warning is in place puts bushwalkers in danger and puts rescuers at unnecessary risk."

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