Texas Parents Lose Custody Of Their Kids After A Doctor Wrongly Suspected Their Baby Was Abused

These Texas parents experience a nightmare when a doctor wrongly accused them of abusing their baby and they subsequently lost custody of their kids.

Jason and Lorina Troy welcomed their second son, Jason “JJ” Jonathan Troy, in May of 2015. Shortly after the child’s birth, however, he began showing symptoms of an undiagnosable illness, People reports. They began taking him to doctors and specialists to determine his condition. But things took a turn for the worse after a trip to one doctor, in particular. The practitioners said the baby’s brain was swelling and this could only have occurred due to someone shaking the baby.

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The doctor, thinking the child had been abused, contacted Child Protective Services. JJ and his older brother were removed from their family home and put into foster care. The father, Jason Troy, was also served with two felony counts of child abuse. If convicted, Jason could spend upwards of 5 to 99 years behind bars. Soon after, Jason lost his job and the family had to sell their home in order to afford their legal expenses.

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As the Troy family kept pushing for answers, they eventually came in contact with a medical specialist located in Maryland. The doctor was able to give baby JJ the proper diagnosis- he determined the child had benign external hydrocephalus, which is a rare condition that occurs when spinal fluid builds up outside of the brain, causing swelling. Soon after the diagnosis, authorities dropped the charges against Jason and returned the children to their parents.

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Unfortunately, however, the parents say their children have been greatly impacted by the ordeal. “My oldest son lost 20 pounds within six weeks of being taken from us,” told media outlets. “Medical reports show that he showed signs of sadness and depression.” The family never got the chance to sue the doctor who wrongly claimed child abuse and the 2-year statute of limitations has already passed.

Instead, the family is focusing on raising awareness of their son’s rare condition to prevent a similar situation from happening to other families. Lorina, for instance, has already written a book about her family’s terrifying experience.

“There were times when the loss of our children, the unbelievable accusations against my husband and the feeling that we were powerless to right the wrongs – were overwhelming,” the mother explained further. “But, we went through the most challenging events of our lives and it has made us stronger. Now, we can take our terrible situation and what we have learned, and help others in similar situations.”

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