Parents Need To Stop Doing These 20 Things By The Time The Due Date Comes

After nine long months, the baby is about to arrive. How exciting, emotional, amazing, and more. But as the due date approaches, parents need to get a handle on some things. They simply can’t carry on as they were now that a newborn is about to enter the world. It is not practical, sometimes not possible, and otherwise just a bad idea.

New parents are going to have a lot on their plates. From sleepless nights to endless diaper duty, an average day is about to become anything but average. Some parents fool themselves into thinking everything will carry on as usual, but ask any mom or dad if things stayed the same from the day they found out they were expecting until they brought their baby home and they will be sure to suggest otherwise.

By the time the due date comes, parents-to-be better get their act together. This is show time, people. A new human is about to make his or her grand entrance, and life will never be the same again. Here are 20 things parents need to stop doing by the time the due date comes. And let’s not procrastinate till the last “push.”

20 Calling The Baby “It”

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Lots of parents choose to not know the gender of the baby until the doctor exclaims, “It’s a boy (or girl)!” In that case, when they refer to what’s growing inside mom’s belly, “it” is often what the “thing” is called. But “it” is hardly a loving way to refer to a beloved “bun in the oven.” While the mom and dad obviously cannot choose “he” or “she” if they don’t yet know what they are having or don’t want others to know, “it” is just not the way to go. How ‘bout “baby?” That certainly works and makes sense. Plus, parents don’t want to get too used to calling their baby “it.” Once he or she arrives, it may be hard to break the habit.

19 Letting Strangers Touch The Bump...It's Just Too Much Tummy As The Big Day Approaches

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It’s inevitable that people will come up to pregnant women and rub or touch their bump in some way or another. Some women embrace this tender touch while others are not fans of when a complete stranger invades their space so forwardly. For the moms who don’t mind a little rub from a relative, friend, or baby lover on the street, this tummy touch is a non-issue. But even these moms should put the breaks on the belly love when the due date is just days away. A ready-to-pop parent needs to be respected. Tell folks that the bump is now off limits. They can meet the child when he or she is on the outside.

18 Divvying Up The Household Chores

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In a well-balanced household, the chores are divided so things are fair and square, unless one person doesn’t mind doing more than their share of the work. Say if the couple has determined who would be doing what, for instance, one must do the laundry and vacuum while the other tends to the lawn and takes out the trash. This may work out perfectly fine and dandy before the due date arrives. But once that day comes, they can throw their chore chart out the window. For starters, they won’t have time to get everything done. Dishes are sure to pile up and the car will be covered in pollen. Secondly, whoever is able to do any sort of cleaning had better jump on it. There’s no time for assigning to-dos when every second is precious.

17 Putting Off Getting The Baby’s Nursery In Order

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That crib is not going to assemble itself. Neither is the changing table, the rocking chair, or any of the gizmos and gadgets purchased for the baby nursery. Nine months of prep time seems like plenty, but for those who procrastinate, the due date will spring up on them like a big surprise, leaving the nursery in shambles, certainly unsuitable for a newborn. Putting things off is no longer a possibility. It is time to get those items put together before the pregnancy is over. The baby is going to need a place to sleep, so get moving, or at least get a friend (or hire someone) to help.

16 Thinking They’re Going To Get Any Sleep For The Next Year (Or Longer)

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Sleep? Is that still a thing? Parents had better brace themselves for sleepless nights from the moment they bring home the baby ‘till who-knows-how-long. If they are telling themselves they will be able to get a decent night’s sleep, they are only fooling themselves. Even the baby knows better. If one parent is kind enough to get up in the middle of the night and let the other stay in bed, it doesn’t mean that both parents were not awakened in the process. Parents better appreciate the sleep they are getting now before the big day comes. Zombie-like living is going to be their new (and very crabby) norm.

15 Buying Ridiculous Things For Your Baby – Essentials Are Costly Enough

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Parents-to-be think every baby-related item is the cutest thing they’ve ever seen. The business is booming, knowing moms and dads will fall under their spell and snatch up everything adorable under the sun. Grandparents get in on the action too, and before long, parents have a bunch of junk but nothing useful. All those silly gag gifts and such may be fun, but they won’t feed, dress, or otherwise do anything necessary for the baby. Diapers cost a lot, as does baby food, medical care, and so forth. They may not make for exciting Pinterest pics, but they are certainly essential.

14 Posting Baby Bump Pics On Social Media

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Moms-to-be love to embrace their ever-growing figure, with some getting dad to take their pic every month to watch as their bump goes from the size of a lima bean to beach ball. But once that due date is growing near, the bump pics need to come to an end. Decide on a final pic date and let that be that. Those last days will be like none other; the last thing a super pregnant woman wants is for her ballooning belly to be plastered all over social media. While the pregnancy progression is fun to see, we don’t need a pic once the kid starts crowning.

13 Eating For “Two” (Dad Too!)

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Pregnant women love the freedom to ditch their diets and chow down on whatever’s not pinned down. They are eating for two, after all, so the extra slice (or more) of pizza and a daily drive-thru milkshake is totally justified…right? Moms may use all this overeating as an excuse to feed their baby, but that kid isn’t quite as hungry as mom’s making things out to be. And what about dad? What’s his excuse? He has been packing on the pounds nearly as steadily as mom. Is it sympathy eating or just his way to also forgo fitness for a double fudge sundae? These parents better stop this behavior by the time the due date comes. They need to be healthy and energetic for their little one. And they won’t feel (or look) very good when they both still appear to be pregnant by the time the kid’s out of diapers.

12 Going Out For Dinner

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Parents-to-be had better get all their date nights covered during the nine months of pregnancy. By the time the due date arrives, those dinners out will be a distant memory. Unless they plan on having a sitter from the start, all meals will be eaten at home whenever there’s a moment to fit a forkful of food in their mouths. The baby will be the one who’ll be fed regularly, while mom and dad will be thankful to get a morsel when the kid’s napping. Even if they do get the chance to go out for dinner, they’ll probably be too tired and disheveled to do so anyhow. So much for sushi night.

11 Getting “Romantic”


Romance is what got these parents at the place they’re at now, but once that due date comes, all romance is off the table…so to speak. But things are about to change, or they probably already have. In any case, even if the couple is still in the mood for some together time, there’s not going to be any time to do much about it. First of all, post-birth, mom’s body is kinda off-limits, to a certain extent anyhow. And once she’s in the clear, all the focus will be on caring for the baby. Consider yourselves not much more than roommates until further notice.

10 Wondering Who The Baby’s Going To Look Like

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Throughout the entire pregnancy, the parents have been going back and forth about who they think the baby is going to look like. Will he have mom’s gorgeous green eyes? Dad’s thick sandy hair? Will he grow up to be tall, stocky, or something in between? It’s fun to play this game and see if the predictions are right, but once the due date comes, parents ought to stop guessing and get focused. They may be disappointed if the kid turns out looking like neither of them, or winds up with a combo of their less-than-best qualities. Forget looks and focus on love.

9 Calling One Another “Baby”

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If a couple loves to use cute names for one another like “baby,” this will get a tad awkward once there is an actual baby in the house. Pet names are adorable, but “baby” will have to be replaced with something new. There is always “honey,” “sweetie,” or “sugar pie,” all fine replacements for the one they’ve gotten used to. Of course, they will be calling their baby by his or her name hopefully, but any confusion is worth avoiding. As the due date creeps closer, “baby” will have to be renamed. There’s an infant coming that’s claiming the title.

8 Taking In More Foster Animals

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For couples who adore homeless cats and dogs and have made their home a place where fosters can feel safe and warm, once the due date approaches, they may have to turn away a new animal. While it is admirable that they’ve given such love and care to these precious pets, it wouldn’t be fair to the baby to bring in all these strays when he or she first arrives. Plus, the parents won’t have time to care for them properly. Perhaps they can wait a few months once things get into a groove before taking in a foster. Plus, if one of the animals is great with the baby, he or she can make their place a “forever” home.

7 Being Perfectionists

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Neatness counts, but being a perfectionist is something a brand new parent will have trouble keeping up with. Some parents think they’ll be able to maintain a pristine and overly orderly household, even once the baby comes, but they’re in for a surprise when they don’t even have time to put on a clean shirt. Unless they have a live-in maid, the place is sure to be less tidy than it was pre-baby. Not that they should let the place become a pigsty, but aiming for perfectionism is a lost cause. Let go, be a bit more laid back, and the baby will still be A-OK.

6 Thinking They’ll Be The “Best” Parents Ever

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Before the due date comes, lots of parents-to-be have this grand notion that they are sure to become the best parents on the planet. They watch how their friends raise their kids and are certain that they’ll do a far better job in nearly every department. And they’ll definitely be better parents than their parents were. In their minds, there will be no issue too big to tackle, no tantrum too out of hand to reel in, and their baby will never get a scrape or sore throat. News flash…it ain’t gonna happen. These folks better lower their standards for themselves and aim for average at best.

5 Adding Non-Essentials To The Hospital Bag

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It’s always advisable for parents-to-be to have a hospital bag at the ready for when mom goes into labor. There will be little time to pack when she’s having contractions, so this bag is best off being all ready to go by the front door. There are standard items mom will need at the hospital, so making sure those are all in there is a must. But some parents overstuff the bag with things mom will never use while giving birth or in the days thereafter. Every day, dad is planting a silly item to surprise her, but he doesn’t realize that this is a pointless effort. She won’t have time to rummage through the junk to find her slippers or nursing bra. Keep it simple and she’ll be in good shape. Not to mention, the bag will be a lot lighter.

4 Leaving Things In Harm’s Way Around The House

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Of course, the baby won’t be able to get around the house when he or she first comes home, but putting off baby-proofing isn’t a wise idea. Before these parents know it, their little one will be crawling about, getting into everything and potentially bumping into things too. As the due date nears, parents need to stop leaving things around the house, especially if they can be dangerous to the baby. Sharp table edges, open appliances, bookshelves that aren’t balanced, and so on can be a problem waiting to happen. Why put it off when they can simply put it away?

3 Taping Their Favorite TV Shows

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TV time is when parents-to-be can unwind and chill out after a long day. Mom especially loves to plop down on the couch to get off her swollen feet and binge-watch her favorite drama. But as the due date gets closer, the TV loving twosome may as well forget taping their favorite shows. They won’t have time to watch, let alone concentrate. Plus, the only television programs they’ll be watching for the next decade will be geared towards kids. So much for Game of Thrones and whatever else is going to be popular later this year. It’s all Sesame Street from this point forward.

2 Burning Candles/Incense

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There is nothing quite as relaxing as lighting some candles to set the mood or burning incense to create a nice scent and warm vibe throughout the house. It is calming and peaceful, something stressed-out parents-to-be can surely appreciate. But they better stop enjoying this feel-good activity before the due date comes, unless they want to quit cold turkey. The scents can be irritating to the baby and the flames can pose danger. The only scent they will have to look forward to is that of a dirty diaper. Peace has officially gone out the window now that there’s a box of Pampers where the candlesticks used to be.

1 Acting Like They’re Still In College

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Pre-baby, couples can still pretend they are back in college, partying and living it up like they have no cares in the world. Of course, mom can’t do any such thing, but dad still has his freedom to act like a frat boy — not. Responsibility is about to set in, so as that due date gets closer, the soon-to-be mom and dad better “graduate” and get into “adulting” mode. This baby is going to be a lot of work, even harder than term papers and final exams. College is four years for a reason, so toss that hat in the air and embrace the real world.

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