Parents Of Sick Baby Trolled For Asking For Money For Life-Saving Treatment

Parents of a sick baby have been trolled via online and with vile signs asking them to ‘Stop asking for money.? Some alleged, the baby should die of natural selection, even citing Darwin. The family of 4-mont-old RJ Ahlers, who are undoubtedly in deep pain, simply want their son to lead a happy, healthy life, as all of us do.

Among the posters in the family’s Toledo, Ohio, hometown, hateful folks have asked the family to stop fundraising and let their young son die. ‘Stop asking for money. Let the baby die, some billboards said.’ Others added ‘It’s called Darwinism. Happy Holidays.’

RJ’s father KC says the family was targeted after they put up six signs at the local Franklin Park Mall last month detailing RJ’s condition and requesting for help. He was shocked with the heartlessness of those who wrote below the family’s billboard, while others defended the family, ‘I came out. I saw it. Immediately took the one down. There were other ones that were up, but somebody, some other Good Samaritans kicked them down.’

Vile posters were telling the parents of the sick child: 'Let the baby die.' RJ, who suffers from a debilitating brain condition called Agenesis of the Corpos Callosum, has been left suffering without the corpus callosum – the band of white matter that connects both hemispheres of the brain. RJ also has a rare genetic condition called Mosaic trisomy 9, which results in the sufferers’ entire ninth chromosome appear three times – rather than two – in some cells of the body, leaving them with facial defomorities and intellectual disabilities.

Additionally, RJ also has a hole in his heart. Doctors have told RJ’s family only half of babies with Mosaic trisomy 9 surivive past two. The Ahlers were targeted after placing the posters posters asking for help for their son, who doctors say has just a 50% chance of living to the age of two.

KC says the original posters he put up, as well as a superhero-themed fundraiser, earned apprixmately $4,000. The money was spent on an expensive genetic test, while RJ’s family pledges to continue fundraising to give their baby the best chance possible.

KC told WTVG: ‘We want to raise our son to not reciprocate hatred. ‘We want to battle hatred with love. So, we obviously know somebody that did this is disturbed and we hope they get help. RJ’s says he is undeterred by the nasty signs, and that his family has organized another fundraiser for RJ next month

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“But, we’re going to keep taking your signs down as we see them because this town doesn’t need hatred. This town needs love.” RJ’s family are now planning another fundraiser next month and have set up a GoFundMe page to raise further cash.


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