Reddit User Wonders If They're In The Right For Pressing Charges Against Their Daughter For Fraud

A parent has taken to Reddit to ask whether he and his wife are in the wrong for considering legal action against their own daughter.

During the first few years of our children's lives, after they're done not letting us sleep, we can't imagine them ever doing anything wrong. They are so sweet, so innocent, they'll never break our hearts or make us angry. As they get older, we'll quickly discover that's not the case. When they reach those teenage years, chances are they'll infuriate us on a daily basis.

Hopefully, the extent of your child's misbehavior will be them sneaking out when they're grounded, or having a bad day at school which lands them in detention. Thankfully, most parents won't have to deal with their kids racking up $60,000 of debt in their names and be faced with the possibility of having to sue said child for that money.

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That's what a mom and step-dad are having to deal with right now, as revealed on Reddit. The step-dad, who views the daughter in question as his own, took to Reddit to lay out the situation and ask if he and his wife are the ones in the wrong. Their daughter took out a Parent Plus Loan using her parents' social security numbers to pay for school, but neglected to tell her mom and dad she was doing so.

"We've gotten a letter from the Department of Education saying that 'our' loan has gone into default," the dad wrote. That was the first he and his wife had heard of the loan. He points out that they now have two options. Pay off the loan themselves, which apparently isn't really an option as they can't afford it, or take their daughter to court which, due to the amount of money involved, could result in her serving jail time.

Judging by the comments beneath the original Reddit post, most people are unsurprisingly on the side of the parents in this one. Some have also offered up advice, pointing out that due to the circumstances, it is unlikely that the daughter would be sent to jail if they do take her to court. Even without that possibility hanging over the situation, it will still be an incredibly tough decision for them to make.

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