New Study Shows Parents Spend Only 24 Minutes More With Their Kids Than Their Phones

A new and extensive study has shown that many parents are spending almost as much time on their phones per day as they do with their children.

With each new generation comes new issues to overcome when raising children. The issue with the current generation is how to manage screentime. In the past, kids played video games and watched TV, but access to screens was limited compared to today. They might have even had to share one TV with the rest of the family. Today, everyone in the family has (at least) one screen each which they can technically access 24 hours a day.

There are varying schools of thought on how much screentime children should have depending on factors such as age and what else they do when away from screens. However, if you're a parent, have you considered how much screentime you're having each day? A new study conducted by The Genius Of Play, and reported on by the New York Post, revealed that it might be just as much of a problem as a child's screentime.

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In fact, of the 2000 parents interviewed for the study, more than half of them admitted they have been asked by their children to put down their phones. Even more of them (62%) admitted that they think the amount of time they spend looking at screens rather than spending it with their children is a problem.

Perhaps the most worrying stat of all was the time breakdown. Chances are if you have the relatively new screentime feature on your smartphone, you will have disabled it as seeing how much time we spend on our devices to the minute can make us feel bad. Turns out on average, the parents surveyed spent two hours and 17 minutes per day on their phones. That clocks in at just 24 minutes less than the average amount of screenless time they spend with their children each day.

Whether you think you are a parent spending too much time on your phone, or you're trying to stop your children using screens so much, that practice starts at home. By that we mean if you spend less time in front of a screen, chances are your children will follow suit. It will certainly work better than peering around your phone to tell your kids why they can't have their iPads right now.

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