Parents Thank Kentucky Police Officer After He Saved Baby Who Stopped Breathing

Without Sgt. James Talbott, baby Aidan wouldn’t be alive today, and his parents are forever grateful for the police officer’s service. It was a nightmare scenario: they found their baby not breathing. Thankfully, the quick thinking and extensive training of the emergency responders kicked in, and the baby finally took a breath.

Police officers and other emergency responders need to be prepared for any situation. They are our lifelines, so we rely on their training and preparedness to save us in different situations. Whether that be CPR training or knowing how do disarm someone, officers need to have a plethora of tools and skills ready to go. All this hard work, dedication, and training that they do to keep us safe should be respected and appreciated.

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19-month-old Aidan suddenly stopped breathing last Wednesday morning. Frightened out of their minds, his family called 911. Police arrived on the scene to find the baby turning blue and cold to the touch. They knew that he couldn’t wait until the paramedics arrived, so they took matters into their own hands. Talbott immediately checked his airway, patted his back, and began CPR. Two weeks ago, the officers went through a CPR and first aid re-certification training, and it came in handy in this situation.

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His heroic actions were caught on his body camera, and the police department released the footage last Monday with the consent of Aidan’s parents. In the video, Talbott can be seen performing CPR until the baby starts crying. To make sure there wasn’t any permanent damage from the ordeal, Aidan was brought to the hospital. Thankfully, he was released later that day without any complications.

On the way back from the hospital, Aidan’s family stopped by the police station. They wanted to thank the officer who saved their baby in person, so they went looking for Talbott. Many people other than the family showed appreciation for his heroic deeds. Talbott received a certificate of appreciation from the police department for what he did that day, and he was nominated for the SPD Lifesaving medal. In a year, the medal will be presented to him.

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