After Giving Up Hope, Parents Turn Off Life Support And Surprisingly Baby Starts Breathing

First-time parents, Manisha and Pyush Anand, experienced nothing less than a miracle when they decided to make the heartbreaking decision of taking their baby girl off life support just to have her start breathing on her own.

The baby girl, Ambika, was born blue and had to be resuscitated after being born. Her mom was admitted to the hospital at 39 weeks pregnant after showing signs of sepsis and infection when doctors decided to do an emergency c-section.

Ambika was quickly delivered and rushed away from her worried parents to undergo a cooling treatment followed by being placed on life support. With Ambika's mother trying to recover herself, Ambika's battle was harder than ever.

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The parents say that the doctors didn't have much hope for Ambika to recover. After looking at her brain scans, they told the parents that Ambika wouldn't have much functioning and would be in a "complete vegetative state" if she survived.  Further explaining that it would be unfair to give her that life, Ambika's parents wrongly began feeling guilty about keeping her on life support.

Saying goodbye to Ambika was not an easy thing to do. It was a night full of tears and heartbreak as the two parents held their daughter tightly while planning her funeral. Moments after turning off the machine, Ambika's mother hurried out of the horrific scene only to have her husband soon chase after saying she was breathing on her own!

Upset that they had listened to the doctors and gave up hope for Ambika, yet at the same time thrilled she was alive, the parents say the experience was definitely "witnessing a miracle." Not long after, Ambika started opening her eyes and even took a bottle.

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One month later, when Ambika was feeding solely with a bottle, the overjoyed parents got to bring her home. To add to the challenges, however, Ambika screamed in pain 24 hours a day, she suffered from seizures and had extreme muscle spasms. Her parents didn't give up and switched Ambika to goats milk, changed her diet to purely organic with natural supplements and now she undergoes physical therapy, in addition to both sensory and physical stimulation.

Now 22-months-old, Ambika has cerebral palsy but she is happy. Her parents installed a hyperbaric chamber to help with her seizures and she is now on only two medications instead of 10. Ambika's family can't get over her strength and vow to never give up on her, no matter what her future holds.

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