Desperate Parents Are Turning To Sleep Coaches To Help Their Babies Sleep

Out of desperation, parents are hiring sleep coaches to help teach their babies how to sleep through the night.

Most parents would do anything to be able to get more rest and that is why they have been turning to sleep coaches. Babies have the potential of sleeping through the night as early as three months. At three months, babies are able to sleep from 6-8 hours without needing food. However, most parents would say that their baby is certainly not sleeping through the night by that age. If you're one of those parents who has a baby who sleeps through the night at three months, count your blessings. Sleeping is very important for not only parents but also babies. It is essential for young babies to receive enough sleep. Young babies need as much as 18 hours of sleep a day. If they do not get enough sleep they won't be as physically or emotionally strong. You will not have a happy baby if they do not get enough rest.

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One of the biggest adjustments that new parents have to become accustomed to in their journey is the lack of sleep. According to a recent study, new parents don't even get as much as 5 hours of sleep each night. The lack of sleep by parents leads to a decrease in overall health and wellbeing. It comes as no surprise that parents are desperately seeking ways to get additional rest.

This is where sleep coaches come in. Some of the sleep coaches even offer services where they will come and stay at the residence home to help train the little baby to sleep more at night. The goal is to get the baby to sleep through the night so that the parents don't go crazy.

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About 1 in 5 parents admit to having difficulties getting their six-month-old to sleep each night. Due to the number of exhausted parents, sleep coaches are making a killing. Sleep coaches charge parents anywhere from $300 for a two-week consultation by phone and text to $7,500 for a 72-hour in-home coaching program.

The advisers are trained to cut through the thousands of different pieces of literature and advice and implement what actually works. Many parents have complained that they have read everything they can about sleep training, but everybody preaches something different. The sleep coaches try to help parents focus on the important aspects of sleep training.

Sleeping is essential to our existence. Therefore, it should be a top priority to figure out a way to get more sleep. If parents are struggling to get their baby to sleep then sleep coaches may be the way to go!

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