Sorry, But Party City's 'Super Mom' Costume Is Offensive AF

The latest hidden gem to come out of Party City's costume selection is a "Super Mom" outfit that features a shirt, an eye mask, and a TON of extra arms.

At first glance, the costume seems like the perfect number for moms for Halloween or theme parties. After all, moms are already heroes at home, why not show it with a hilarious and fun costume? Upon closer inspection, however, this costume falls short in a big way.

The accessories included? A grocery list, credit card, iron, whisk, rubber gloves, cleaning spray, and hair cutting shears. If you're anything like me, you did a double-take as soon as you saw this outfit. This costume assumes that to be a super mom, you need to be taking care of the kids, cleaning, cooking, doing the laundry and shopping for groceries.

What about the moms who work a 9-5 every day? The moms who own their own businesses and watch their babies while building an empire? The moms who suffer from anxiety, depression, or other mental illness and can't get it all done in a day? The moms who need to take the kids to the drive-through instead of whipping up something homecooked because time just got away from them?

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Don't get me wrong, I love how fun and silly this costume is and (minus a poor review about the quality) I can see why so many in the mama community are clicking "Add to Cart" for Halloween. But, I say that we're all super moms, whisks or no whisks, spotless house or dishes piling up, stocked fridge or a bag of baby carrots and some takeout containers, it doesn't matter. We're super moms simply because WE ARE MOMS. We are doing our best to take care of our babies, whether we're trapped at the office all day or if we stay home to care for our children. The last thing that we need is a costume that perpetuates some of the worst stereotypes about women.

So here's to you mama, so much more than an iron and whisk, a super mom, whether you wear the cape and mask or opt for a messy bun and some worn-in jeans.

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