'Peanut' Pool Float Is Perfect For Lounging While Pregnant

The folks at the Peanut app have shared a new pool float that is designed to make pregnant women comfortable while lounging on their bellies in the water.

It's no secret that a summer pregnancy is rough! This is especially true for women either already in, or approaching their third trimester. Lounging in the pool is a great relief from the heat and the feeling of carrying and growing another person inside of you. This new pool float from the Peanut App is one of a kind and has a built-in hole for a growing belly. This allows pregnant women to lay on their stomachs once again.

This float is made exclusively by the Peanut app and was specially designed for pregnant women who need to take a nice, cool break. The creators of the float were inspired to design this product after seeing that women on the Peanut app were sharing that they missed laying on their stomachs while pregnant.

The float fixes that problem and makes it easy to lay like you need to during a summer pregnancy. Printed on the side of the float is the sentence, "Put your feet up mama, we've got you." It guarantees pure bliss.

Via Peanut

Good Housekeeping shared this amazing summer find and it is making mamas everywhere swoon over the possibility of summer tummy lounging. Unfortunately, this pool float isn't available just yet. If you're patient or planning a future pregnancy, you can enter to win one on the Peanut app by simply liking their post about it.

Somewhere down the line you may win one, or be able to buy one when they become available to the public. There are some other versions of a pregnancy float if you really need one for the last few weeks of summer. Laying on your stomach is nearly impossible during pregnancy for very obvious reasons, and it is an oh-so missed feeling.

A pool is weightless no matter what but it feels great when you're larger from growing a tiny human. This Peanut pool float really does seem amazing! It's a pregnant woman's dream and it will likely be well worth the wait!

What do you think of this float? Do you wish you had one, or are you looking forward to it? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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