Pennsylvania Hospital Experiences Massive Baby Boom 9 Months After Christmas Snowstorm

An Erie, Pennsylvania hospital has been delivering babies at a rapid rate 9 months after a terrible snowstorm.

A record snow fall occurred last December, around Christmas of 2017. On Christmas Eve, Erie, Pennsylvania experienced 65.1 inches of snow in just 60 hours. The citizens of Erie had about 5 feet of snow on Christmas Day. The city declared a snow emergency and the roads were considered impassable and too dangerous to be used. They instructed people to stay inside if they had an option and to not use any motor vehicle transportation until the city could get a handle on the snow. The city tried to send out snow plows and other city workers, but they could not keep up with the amount of snow that was falling onto the streets.  All residents were advised to remain indoors until the city could help clear the roads.

UPMC Hamot Hospital in Erie, Pennsylvania is now being flooded with beautiful babies. The medical staff are calling it a "baby boom" from the snowstorm that occurred 9 months prior. Although they can't know exactly when each child was conceived, the staff predicts that the babies were probably conceived around Christmas of 2017.

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The Erie hospital typically helps deliver approximately 170-180 babies each month. However, by mid-September, the hospital had already helped deliver 120 babies! In only one weekend the hospital discharged 24 healthy and beautiful babies. The hospital has had to have most of their nurses work overtime to deal with the extra workload. Out of desperation the hospital even has staff helping from other UPMC hospitals. Of course, they are having a lot of fun with the idea that the day of conception for the baby boom was during to the Christmas storm. They dressed all of the babies in weather related outfits and even brought in Santa Claus to meet all of the little babies.  One of the doctors, Bart Matson, D.O., a Hamot obstetrician-gynecologist, mentioned that although it is impossible to say that the storm was the definite cause, it would be easy to assume.

The hospital staff has been working really hard to make sure that they provide a great experience for all of the mothers and babies. The babies are being called the "Snow Babies." With all of the sad news in the world these days it is awesome to read something amazing like this! Congratulations to all of the families who got to welcome their healthy "Snow Babies".

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