Pennsylvania Mom Charged With Killing Infant Daughter While Co-Sleeping

Co-sleeping is controversial practice, even though many parents swear by it. But a tragic incident in Pennsylvania is a reminder of the dangers of this method.

According to People, Shante R. Plummer has been charged in connection to her infant daughter’s death. The 2-month old baby, whose name has not been released, died after being suffocated while sleeping in October of 2018. The child’s mother is only now facing charges for criminal homicide as well as endangering the welfare of a child. Plummer is currently behind bars at the Dauphin County Prison in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She was denied bail.

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It’s believed the 39-year old mother was co-sleeping with her 2-month old child when the accident took place. The bed was reportedly on a slope, with one side eight inches higher. Plummer informed police that she was sleeping on the higher portion of the bed with her infant at her side. A police affidavit also stated Plummer was caring for multiple children in the home where the incident took place. The baby’s father did not live with her.

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Authorities suspect that Plummer, who reportedly weighs 380 pounds, may have accidentally rolled on top of the child in the middle of the night and remained on top of her for “some period of time.” The uneven bed is thought to have contributed. Plummer also admitted to ingesting marijuana before going to sleep, which was later confirmed with a blood test. Authorities suspect the substance may have put her in a deeper sleep than usual.

Plummer initially called the baby’s father after finding her unresponsive. When she did 911, she reported that her baby was having breathing difficulties. When authorities arrived, Plummer initially told them she had woke up to her baby’s cries and saw her on the floor next to the bed. However, she later changed her story when she admitted to paramedics that her daughter was unresponsive when she discovered her. The infant was pronounced dead at the hospital when she was unable to be revived. An autopsy later confirmed the infant showed signs of abuse, including six broken ribs, and died as a “result of violence.”

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