People Are Mom Shaming Kylie Jenner Again

Kylie Jenner is getting criticized again on social media for her recent attendance at the music festival Coachella. Fans following her on Instagram began to publicly berate the young mother for stepping out to “party” without her newborn baby.

One user wrote, “Where’s the baby? Great parents so far. This baby been with babysitters more than her parents."

Another chimed in, “Shouldn’t she be taking care of her new baby?"

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Jenner, 20, and boyfriend Travis Scott, welcomed daughter, Stormi, in early February. Jenner announced the delivery via Instagram. In a heartfelt post she wrote, “pregnancy has been the most beautiful, empowering, and life changing experience I’ve had in my entire life and I’m actually going to miss it.”

Jenner has rewarded fans with many snapshots of baby Stormi, filling her Instagram feed with photos of their life. Sharing her movements backfired, however, once followers saw that Jenner appeared to be partying at Coachella, sans baby Stormi. The young media mogul donned neon pink hair and showed off her post-baby body, pushing fans to contemplate in the comments about how Jenner should be spending her time.

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Not everyone, however, agreed that Jenner was in the wrong. One fan wrote, “ I have a son myself and I understand that it is really important to have an identity and I {sic} life away from your child. Without it you can lose sight {sic} of your goals and successes before you become a mother. So I don't agree with people saying she is a bad mother for going out and having a good time occasionally."

The majority of Jenner's Instagram feed is, in fact, all about daughter Stormi. Does taking a couple of days off to attend a music festival diminish her role as a mother?

A recent study shows that the average American is suffering from a "debilitating syndrome known as the work-martyr complex." Within this complex, the martyr sacrifices time off in the fear that no one can do their job. Most new mothers are greatly affected by this syndrome, as well.

Parents Magazine conducted a survey that found that nearly 30 percent of people, "believed there to be an element of moral reprehensibility to vacation with your partner but not your baby." Clearly, Jenner's Instagram feed reflects the on-going moral battle of what defines a "good mother".

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