People Are Shocked By The 'Non-Royal' Name Given To The Royal Baby

People were shocked by the "non-royal" name given to the royal baby.

Ever since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their pregnancy everybody started speculating the gender of the new royal baby. Throughout their entire pregnancy people over analyzed every outfit, every baby shower gift, and even tried to speculate by the flowers that she ordered at her baby shower. One day different news outlets would say with much authority that the royal baby was going to be a "girl" and then people said that it was definitely going to be a "boy." By now you probably have known that the royal baby is a boy! They announced that they had their royal baby on Monday. Speculations quickly turned to what the royal couple would name their royal baby and if the baby would get some sort of "royal" title.

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The couple happily announced their child's name and we were all certain it would be something to the effect of Alexander, Albert, Arthur or Phillip. We kind of all suspected them to have a very prestigious and "royal" sounding name. When the couple announced their son's name would be Archie Harrison we kind of paused. Not that Archie is a terrible name, but for a royal baby it seemed a little bit "non-royal." It appears that with the name Archie the couple is forgoing any prestigious title.


The couple was not only criticized for their name but were also questioned about the way that they announced the name of their son. They announced Archie's name by disclosing it through Instagram. Of course in this modern society that should be completely acceptable. In the older generations, they would just set up a simple easel with the announcement of the baby name. Instagram is just a modern version of that tradition.

Everybody in the royal family has expressed how happy they are to have another baby in their family. The tourists celebrating with the royal couple about the birth of their baby said that there is just something about a baby that brings everybody together and just unifies people. Although people may not be in agreement about whether or not the name Archie was a great "fit" for the sweet royal baby everybody has agreed that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are going to make great parents to their son.

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