Royal Watchers Are Convinced That Meghan Markle Is Faking Her Pregnancy

It seems as though Meghan Markle can't win these days.

The pregnant Duchess of Sussex has faced an onslaught of internet trolls as of late, including those who have, unbelievably, criticized her for touching her growing belly too much. The latest critics are crying foul about something even bigger, however - her actual pregnancy.

That's right - there exists a real group of people that truly believe that Markle is faking her pregnancy.

This isn't the first time the newest royal has faced backlash and criticism. For months, she's been dealing with her complicated family back home who seem all too keen to spill the beans about her life before Harry. In addition, rumours continue to fly about her apparent strained relationship with sister-in-law Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William.

If you were to search for the hashtag #Megxit, you would find a slew of trolls gathering to discuss, in extremely fine detail, how the Duchess is faking her pregnancy. The results are amusing, to say the least.

"This is treason," exclaimed one user, tweeting directly at the Royal Family's official Twitter account to voice their displeasure at what they believed to be quite an obvious deception. "You CANNOT pretend Meghan Markle is pregnant, when she obviously isn't."

Others called into question Markle's ability to, yes, squat - claiming that this was a feat completely impossible for a pregnant woman to accomplish. Recently, the Duchess was photographed squatting down to pet a dog on one of her walkabouts. Trolls were quick to take to their keyboards.

“Every woman who has been pregnant can give it in writing. WE DON'T SQUAT LIKE THAT. IF THERE IS A LIVING BEING IN THERE, WE DON'T SQUAT LIKE THAT PERIOD,” one woman observed. Shockingly, others agreed, commenting on everything from how far she was leaning, to the appearance of her tummy.

"You can see how squished her tummy is," another said. "That would NOT be possible with a baby in there."


If this sounds all too familiar, it is. Markle is not the first public figure to be accused of faking her pregnancy in recent years. Back in 2011, a different kind of royalty from across the pond had many questioning whether or not she was using a surrogate for her daughter, Blue Ivy.

That's right, Queen B was once thought to be a faker, too. Even talk show host Wendy Williams filmed an entire segment analyzing the superstar's figure. Beyoncé's publicist immediately responded, calling the allegations "stupid, ridiculous and false."

Buckingham Palace has yet to directly respond to the most recent accusations, but they have been removing disparaging social media posts directed at Markle. In fact, palace officials have been asking Instagram for help in monitoring and removing offensive comments.

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