Crib Bumpers May Soon Be Banned Due To The Risk Of Suffocation

Lawmakers are trying to ban crib bumpers because they are very dangerous and can suffocate babies.

In order to help avoid SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) parents are encouraged to provide a safe place for their children to sleep at night. Parents are encouraged to not have any blankets, pillows, or stuff animals in their cribs. It is important for kids to sleep in their own beds, so they won't be suffocated by large blankets or by their parents. Babies should be in a firm mattress with tightly fitted sheets and they should be in clothing that fits and won't have any chance of blocking off their airways.

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When babies start rolling over in their cribs they sometimes roll over and hit their little heads on the edge of their cribs. They also sometimes get their little arms or legs stuck in the cracks in their cribs that make them a little upset. Parents then decide to help rectify this "problem" by adding crib bumpers to the crib. Crib bumpers are padding that is attached to the inside of the crib. Therefore if the child rolls over he has a soft cushion instead of hitting his head on the crib.


Although this may seem harmless, it can actually be lethal for your baby. Lawmakers are trying to make this seemingly harmless baby product illegal. Here is what can actually happen when you baby rolls over into these death traps. The baby can roll over to the bumper and smash his face into the thick cushion. The little baby will then not be able to breathe and the baby will then get smothered. The crib bumpers can easily suffocate your sweet little baby. "The Consumer Product Safety Commission has told us that from 1990 to 2016, 107 infant fatalities occurred, directly linked to crib bumpers." Senator Carlucci said. "These crib bumpers are deadly clutter."

The crib bumpers really aren't that necessary. Your baby will not roll quickly, or hard enough to cause any damage if they hit the side of the crib. You will not actually need the crib bumper. So not only are they kind of pointless, but they also can be very dangerous. Lawmakers are trying to not only ban the sale of the bumpers but they are trying to make it so that daycares and child services are not allowed to have the crib bumpers in their facilities.

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