10 Perfect Names For A Virgo Baby

We're just entering Virgo season, which is the perfect time to refocus on details and get to work. As fall is upon us, this practical earth sign season is ideal for working towards goals. If your baby is due during Virgo season, it’s exactly the right time to get to planning and picking the perfect baby name for them. There are many names that are suited perfectly for a Virgo baby. Some of these names have mythological roots while others bring to mind some key Virgo traits. Some of the names on this list are perfect for a baby girl and some for a baby boy. There are also names that are more gender-neutral.

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We’ve put together a list of 10 stylish and appropriate names for a Virgo baby.

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Adara is a name with Arabic roots that means “virgin.” This name is on the list because Virgo’s symbol is the virgin so that's where the sign gets its name. Thus, Adara is a perfect name that ties to the innocence and beauty of the season.

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Plus, it’s a very pretty and elegant sounding name that you probably don’t hear too often. So, if you want a unique name that will allow your baby girl to stand out, this could be a great fit.


Emery is a good name because it’s fairly gender-neutral. While it’s more traditionally used for boys, it could also be used for a baby girl. Plus, there are different ways to spell this name to switch it up. Emery has German roots and its name means being an “industrious leader.”

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Given that Virgos are often hard-working and good at getting things done, plus their amazing communication skills, Emery fits well for a baby born under this sign.


If you’re looking for a truly unique but absolutely fitting name for your Virgo baby girl, Zaniah is a good choice. This name is actually a star system that resides in the Virgo constellation. As such, it’s extremely apt and on the nose.

Giving your baby this name will connect them to their astrological sign and set them apart. Plus, it’s definitely not a super popular name so you won’t have to worry about your child sharing a name with other children in their class.


Ezra is another name that can be used for any gender. While it’s traditionally a boy’s name, it’s become more popular for baby girls as well. This name is Hebrew and means “the helper.” Virgos are the sign that is most often associated with wanting to help others. They love to serve other people and look out for them.

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They are also duty-bound and believe in doing the right thing. So, Ezra is a name with a meaning that ties in directly to the traits of a Virgo.


Rhea is a beautiful name that comes from Greek origins. Rhea was the mother of the gods and is known as the goddess of fertility, motherhood, and generations. The name is also associated with being an earth goddess.

This makes this name perfect for a baby girl born during Virgo season. Since Virgo is an earth sign that is all about roots, detail, and growth, the connection to a goddess of the earth and fertility is especially fitting. Plus, it’s also a beautiful and elegant name.


George is definitely the one name on this list of Virgo baby names that is the most traditional. While this might be a classic name that you hear often and might be seen as old fashioned, it’s also one that is being reclaimed to seem hipper. George also has Greek origins.

The name means someone who is a farmer. This obviously connects once again to the Virgo being an earth sign as well as to the industrious and hardworking nature of the sign.


Glenda isn’t a name that you hear a lot, but you might have heard it become popular from The Wizard of Oz’s Glinda the Good Witch. The name actually has Welsh origins and means “pure and good.”

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As such, it goes along well with the Virgo traits of wanting to help the greater good and take care of others. Also, if you like names from pop culture, this is a beautiful name for a baby girl.


Hugh is another traditional name on this list that you might not expect to fit for a Virgo baby. The name has Germanic/Teutonic roots and means someone who is a “thinker.” This makes this name very fitting for a Virgo boy.

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. This planet is associated with communication and intellect. The planet is associated with the messenger god Hermes.


When thinking of astrology, it’s not surprising to think about Greek and Roman mythology. Artemis is a well-known Greek goddess. Artemis was the goddess of wild animals, the hunt, and chastity. This makes this name perfect for a Virgo. With the association with the virgin, it makes a lot of sense.

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Plus, Artemis was also known for being associated with the earth and plant and animal life which also connects with the earth sign of Virgo.


Amelia is another name that connects well to the traits of a Virgo. This name has both Latin and Teutonic meanings. In Latin, the name means “industrious” while in Teutonic it means “defender.” Both of these meanings are quite fitting for the caring Virgo who always wants to get things done.

Plus, it’s a pretty name that calls to mind adventurous souls such as Amelia Earheart. This name is definitely ripe to make a comeback and fits perfectly for a beautiful, Virgo baby girl.

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