• Perfect Baby Shower Dresses

    Every woman wants to feel pretty at her baby shower. Finding the right dress will help your pregnancy glow really shine.

    If you’re in the second or third trimester of pregnancy, clothes shopping may not be your favorite activity. Adjusting to your expanding physique can take time. But, as much as you would like to show up in sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt, it’s time to dress up.

    You’ll want a dress that flatters your figure, with a great color, and tons of comfort. Believe or not, it’s not too much to ask. We’ve found several dresses that check all of the boxes. These dresses are party-ready. Best of all, they’re all under $75.

    Look no further. Here are the perfect dress styles for your upcoming baby shower.

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    The Shirt Dress

    There are so many things to love about a shirt dress: it has a classic appeal, it’s comfortable, and it’s on trend. Whether you prefer a tailored, clean cut and or a billowy, relaxed silhouette, there is a shirt dress to flatter your figure.

    What’s truly amazing about this style is the versatility. A shirt dress has a minimalist look which can suit a backyard BBQ or a party; it’s appropriate for the office or an afternoon walk. Simply dress it up with jewelry or keep it casual with sandals.

    The shirt dress is simple, sleek, and so easy to wear. It will give you a chic look at your baby shower, and a comfortable go-to after your baby is born. If it’s not already a staple in your wardrobe, it should be.

    Old Navy (U.S.) Maternity Chambray Shirtdress - $24.99 - color: Dark Wash

    The Gap Henley Shirtdress (U.S.) - $69.95 - color: True Black, Navy Floral, and Cherries

    The Gap Henley Shirtdress (Canada) - $74.95 - color: True Black, Navy Floral, and Cherries

    H&M (U.S.) Mama Long Shirt Dress - $34.99 - color: Dark Turquoise

    Motherhood Maternity (Canada) Plus Size Convertible Sleeve Maternity Dress - $59.99 color: Chambray

    Target (U.S.) Maternity Shirt Dress – Liz Lange - $13.98 - color: Wreath Green and Wave Dark Red

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    The Maxi Dress

    This dress has style to the max. The long length of the skirt makes a short day dress look fancy. It looks flowing and feminine as it grazes the floor. But, it also has a glamorous style because it hugs your curves.

    Some dress styles have an instant impact, and this is one of them. The maxi dress has an understated elegance. With a variety of styles and fabrics, you can customize your signature style. Paired with a floppy 70s hat, you can channel your inner bohemian girl. Or, if you prefer to look like an Egyptian goddess, glam it up with metallic jewelry.

    You will surely make an entrance to your baby shower wearing this style. For an effortless and sophisticated style, consider slipping into a maxi dress.

    Motherhood Maternity (Canada) Plus Size Sleeveless Tie Maternity Dress - $24.97 - color: Pink Stripe

    Motherhood Maternity (Canada) Elbow Sleeve Side Ruched Maternity Maxi Dress - $49.98 - color: Heather Grey and Black

    Target (U.S.) Maternity Printed Maxi Dress – Liz Lange - $34.99 - color: Blue and Black

    Motherhood Maternity (U.S.) Jessica Simpson Short Sleeve Bias Cut Maternity Dress - $69.00 - color: Blue Stripe

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    The Little Black Dress

    Every woman needs a little black dress in her wardrobe. When you’re feeling body conscious, a slimming black dress is an old faithful you can count on to help you out.

    Little black dresses, also known as LBDs, are not just for black tie affairs and funerals. A black dress can be glammed up or made casual for any occasion.

    Just because it’s black, it doesn’t mean you should only wear it at night. Black adds drama to the daytime and sophistication to a party. If you’re hesitant about wearing black to your baby shower, add colorful accessories to give the look some life.

    If you’re going to invest in a new dress, you may as well buy one that you will wear repeatedly. From cute to sexy, a little black dress equals instant style. It’s fail-proof.

    The Gap (Canada) Solid Three-Quarter Sleeve Wrap Dress - $64.95 - color: True Black

    H&M (U.S.) Mama Studded Dress - $49.99 - color: Black

    Thyme Maternity (Canada) Long Sleeve Nursing Wrap Dress - $69.99 - color: Black

    Thyme Maternity (Canada) Stork & Babe – Long Sleeve V-Neck Maternity Dress - $69.99 - color: Black

    Motherhood Maternity (U.S.) BumpStart ¾ Sleeve Lightweight Maternity Dress - $24.98 - color: Black

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    The Sexy Dress

    Maternity dresses come in all styles, from the sweet to the sexy. If you want to look hot at your baby shower, there are several sexy styles for you.

    The sexy maternity dress offers a bump-hugging silhouette. It flaunts your cleavage and fits your curves. These sexy dresses will fit your form and emphasize your femininity.

    You may not initially associate “sexy” with pregnant women’s clothes, but modern maternity is a lot different than your mom’s. Sexy maternity dresses are designed for future mothers. They offer sex appeal and beautiful, body skimming comfort.

    H&M (U.S.) Mama Jersey Dress - $24.99 - color: Black Mélange

    Motherhood Maternity (U.S.) Elbow Sleeve Side Ruched Maternity Dress - $34.98 - color: Black

    Motherhood Maternity (Canada) Long Sleeve Drape Front Maternity Dress - $29.97 - color: Red

    My Tummy (Canada) - Emily Maternity Dress - $43.96 - color: Cobalt Blue, Black

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    The Dressy Dress

    With all eyes on you, why not be the belle of the ball? Formal maternity dresses are stunning statements for a special occasion.

    On your big day, a glamorous style is in order. Maternity occasion dresses do not have constricting cuts. Their tailoring is roomy around the middle to allow movement and comfort.

    Luxurious-looking fabrics and elegant lines don’t have to be expensive. With these affordable dresses, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to look like a million bucks. How could you not look and feel gorgeous when you’re dressed in a gown?

    A fancy maternity dress will make your day extra special. A little glamor goes a long way.

    H&M (U.S.) Mama Glittery Dress - $49.99 - colors: Powder and Gold-Colored

    Thyme Maternity (Canada) Stork & Babe – Short Sleeve Printed Maternity Dress - $49.00 - color: Black Floral Print

    Motherhood Maternity (U.S.) Jessica Simpson Short Sleeve Lace Maternity Dress - $34.97 - color: Burgundy/Black

    My Tummy (Canada) Marilyn Maternity Dress - $47.67 - color: Emerald Green

    Target (U.S.) Merona Maternity One-Shoulder Rosetta Dress - $24.98 - color: Black

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    The Empire Waist Dress

    Every figure is flattered in an empire waist dress. All shapes and sizes will appreciate this design, including pregnant women. The empire waist dress, or the high-waisted dress, raises the natural waist to fall just below the bust line. Without a waistband to worry about, the empire waist dress is truly comfortable.

    This style gives the illusion of a longer and leaner silhouette. It also hides thick middles and wider bottoms. For a baby shower, this silhouette is an excellent choice.

    Many stores sell empire waist dresses at affordable prices. After trying one of these styles, you’ll be ready to celebrate.

    Target (U.S.) Ma Cherie Maternity 3/4 Sleeve Cowlneck Dress - $29.99 - color: Red

    Thyme Maternity (Canada) Stork & Babe – Sleeveless Maternity Dress with Zipper Detail - $49.99 - colors: Poseidon, Black, and Grape Wine

    Motherhood Maternity (Canada) Strapless Empire Waist Maternity Dress - $59.98 - color: Navy/White Gingham

    Asos (U.S.) Mamalicious Knitted Dress with WaistTie - $53.50 - color: Antique White

    The Gap (Canada) -  Double V-neck Sleeveless Dress – $42.99 - color: Denim

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    The Funky Dress

    If you like to express yourself through fashion, you’ll probably consider a funky dress. These dresses are somewhat original, and slightly outside of the box.

    These fun and funky prints will show your energetic spirit. A patterned, alternative dress is cute and contemporary. It’s a perfect way for you and your bump to look hip and stylish.

    Future moms can finally look fun and fresh with comfortable maternity wear. The spotlight will be on the guest of honor with a bold maternity dress. Once you decide on what dress to wear, all you’ll really need is a great pair of flats.

    H&M Mama Jersey Dress (U.S.) - $29.99 - color: Black/Patterned

    H&M Mama Jersey Dress (Canada) - $29.99 - color: Black/Patterned

    Target (U.S.) Ma Cherie Maternity 3/4 Roll Sleeve Belted Print Dress - $34.99 - color: Ivory/Grey/Black

    Gap (Canada) - Double V-Neck Sleeveless Confetti Dress - $60.99 - color: True Black

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