10 Perfect Gifts For A New Dad

The first Christmas a man spends as a new dad is an exciting and special one. Watching his first child tear at wrapping paper, looking at the holiday lights with wonder, and starting to build new family holiday traditions makes it an even more magical season.

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While the focus of giving gifts starts to change toward the kids, every new dad deserves a few presents of his own to celebrate the season and mark the start of this important chapter. From the best tech, baby gear, to toys even for dad, these 10 gifts would be perfect for any new dad in your life.

10 Backpack Diaper Bag

When mom takes the new baby out, she tends to carry around a fashion-forward diaper bag that suits her personal style. But when dad takes the baby out for some quality time, he might be self-conscious about carrying around a pink diaper bag that looks like a purse. Get the new dad in your life a backpack that has the features of a diaper bag.

This Ruvalino backpack comes with a changing pad, has a padded laptop pocket, and insulated bottle pockets. It also has the added benefit of looking stylish for dad, too. Grab this backpack on Amazon for $39.98.

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9 BBQ Grill Tools

Let the grill-loving Dad know he's number 1 in your and the new baby's hearts by giving him this Panoware BBQ Grill Tools Set. The set comes with four tools: a spatula that doubles as a beer bottle opener, tongs, a digital meat thermometer, and a canvas bag to carry the set.

The spatula and the tongs are made of stainless steel with a sturdy wood handle. They have "#1 Dad" inscribed into them and are dishwasher safe. The thermometer needs two AAA batteries, which are not included. This particular set costs $21.49 on Amazon.

8 We're Parents! The New Dad Book For Baby's First Year

This book is for the new dad who needs some more guidance to get through the baby's first year. Adrian Kulp penned a funny and helpful read in "We're Parents! The New Dad Book For Baby's First Year: Everything You Need To Know To Survive And Thrive Together."

Unlike some other parenting books, this one provides quick guides to help dads in a pinch. Each section is brief, helpful and promises to be easy to digest. Kulp provides everything from tips on how to burb the baby, how to get your child to try solids, to a chart that helps track your new baby's big milestones.

7 OtterBox Defender Phone Case

Soon dad's new little one is going to be able to grab things and throw them. Don't let his phone break in the process. Protecting that expensive iPhone is now a necessity. OtterBox Defender Series provides a sturdy case that will protect the phone but still looks cool.

This case goes for $45.71 on Amazon and provides multilayer protection for his phone. It also has a clip holster that doubles as a kickstand to help for better viewing of videos. Otterbox also offers a lifetime warranty, so this case will last dad through a few kids and their tantrums.

6 BOB Revolution Flex 2.0 Jogging Stroller

For the new dad who loves to run, a jogging stroller will ensure he's still logging his miles and quality time with the baby. The BOB Revolution Flex 2.0 Jogging Stroller is best for babies from birth to 75 pounds.

This stroller features a locking front wheel, mountain bike style suspension, an adjustable handlebar and a five-point harness for the baby to stay safely settled in. The stroller also comes with an infant carrier and extra storage to carry more on those long runs. This model is currently on sale on Amazon.com for $299.99.

5 Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Let Dad enjoy his hot coffee and look at photos of his newborn while on the go. You can customize this Dad Color Blocks Stainless Steel Travel Mug on Shutterfly with photos of your family. You can select the 16 or 20 oz mug, then you'll be prompted to upload photos from your computer or social media.

The mug has a glossy white finish to highlight your photos. It is handwash only and warns not to microwave the mug. Shutterfly usually has great sales and promo codes, so be sure to snag this one when it's on sale.

4 Dad's Day Off Chianti

For the wine-loving dad, offer the gift of a day of babysitting, paired with a bottle of wine to enjoy during his break. There's actually an entire brand of wine catering to dads that need a day off -- Dad's Day Off Chianti. The brand describes its product as "a fresh fruity well-balanced wine" that is "spicy and characteristic of wines from Chianti."

The wine pairs well with red meats, pork and pasta dishes. The brand, which also features a "Mommy's Time Out" line, can be found in many local liquor stores for less than $1o.

3 Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

Some dads can not stop taking pictures of their new bundle of joys. Help that dad take the best pictures possible with his phone by purchasing the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for $39.99 on Amazon. This lens pairs with iPhones, Samsung, and Pixel phones.

Attaching the lens to his phone will enable the dad in your life to capture stunning, up-close photos or wide-lens photos that will have 45% more image in the photo. It also offers a warm LED light that works better than his phone's flash. The lens comes with a lanyard and travel case, so dad can take it on the next family vacation.

2 Photo Perfect Golf Ball Set

Every golfer knows the struggle of searching for his golf balls and knowing which ones are his. Eliminate that problem for the new dad you're shopping for by buying him Photo Perfect Golf Ball Set from Personalization Mall for $18.89.

You can add a personal photo of his new baby or the whole family on the set of 12 golf balls. The photo is printed on a blank, non-branded golf ball. He will love this gift so much, he might be afraid to even use these balls in his next game.

1 Disney+ Subscription

Earlier this year, Disney launched its new streaming service, Dinsey+. The subscription service has already been wildly popular among kids and adults. Gift the dad in your life a subscription and you'll make him and the new baby happy, as the library of shows and movies features everything from the Star Wars movies, Marvel movies, the Pixar movies to Disney animated classics his new child will love.

A monthly subscription costs $6.99. If you're feeling particularly generous, for $12.99 a month you can add on Hulu and ESPN+.

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