10 Absolutely Perfect Middle Names For Girls

Choosing the perfect name for your baby can be hard because you do not know what they are going to look like or what their personality is going to bloom into. That is why parents love having a middle name for their baby to fall back on if their first name doesn’t fit their bundle of joy. But middle names still leave the pressure of finding the perfect name that flows with the rest of your little girl's name. So stop reading through those baby name books and read this list to find the perfect middle name for your baby girl!

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10 Hope

Hope is a wonderful name for any little girl, and it sounds great with any first name too! Besides the name meaning optimistic, Names.org reports that hope also means a desire for something good. Who wouldn't want to name their baby after the desire of something good? That desire could mean a good life, job, friendships—the possibilities for any desire are endless. The name also reached its all-time high, in 2000, with over 2320 parents using that name that year. This middle name is a timeless piece that will be perfect for your little girl at any age.

9 Iris

Irises are beautiful blue and purple flowers and would be an adorable middle name for any baby. This middle name is perfect for any parents that love and appreciate nature. Not only being a sought after flower, but Iris also means rainbow, according to BehindTheNames.com. This could end up having your little one living up to her middle name and living a full and colorful life that people admire. And that’s all parents hope for is that their children live life to the fullest. So make sure you consider Iris for your daughter's middle name.

8 Nova

Nova is a precious middle name, and it's an actual star that can even be seen in space. This out-of-this-world name represents a star that suddenly increases its brightness over a thousand times before it goes back to its original brightness. These bight burst of light can be compared to your daughter having enough motivation and drive to get her through tough times or to help her accomplish a task. This could also mean that your daughter could end up being the star in any field she goes into for her career. Who doesn’t want their little one to shine?

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7 Annabel

If you are looking for a charming little name for your little one, then Annabel is going to be the perfect middle name to choose. According to Nameberry.com, the meaning of Annabel is loving. And "loving" is the perfect way to describe a life you wish for your children. To be able to have a life full of love, to be able to love parents, pets, friends, and their jobs is all we wish for as parents. And this name will be a constant reminder for your daughter to live a life full of love.

6 Charlotte

Charlotte is a common name used for royalty, hence Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. But besides being a common royal name, Charlotte, according to Names.org, means petite and feminine, which is why ladies of royalty would get this name. Giving this middle name to your daughter would allow her to be the precious lady she’s going to grow to be. This name has also been used in the United States over 13,000 times in 2016. So chose the name of the last decade and give your little bundle of joy the middle name Charlotte.

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5 Marcella

Marcella is both a strong and darling middle name for any little girl to have. It is said to mean "warlike," according to Nameberry.com. Though you don’t want your daughter starting fights, you do want her to be able to stand up for who she is and what she believes in. This name is a perfect reminder for her to go after what she wants with everything she has. So when thinking of the perfect middle name for your girl make sure to put this one in the running.

4 Ann

A wonderful, delightful middle name that goes perfectly with any first name is Ann. Names.org reports that the meaning of the name Ann is grace and gracious. And what parents wouldn’t want their daughter to live a life full of grace? This middle name will allow your daughter to live not just a life full grace, but to do so in an elegant manner. Even though the name, Ann has been on a decline in the United States, this is still the perfect middle name to give a little girl and will be a timeless name at any age.

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3 Selene

If you are looking for a graceful middle name that rolls off the tongue, then Selene is the middle name you are looking for. According to Nameberry.com, the name Selene means "moon goddess." And who doesn’t want their daughter to be at a goddess level? This name is perfect for parents who love the comfort of the moon in the night. Selene would be a memento to be the light in the dark and not to give up on any situations. This sweet middle name is perfect for any daughter.

2 Brooke

Brooke is a gorgeous middle name for a baby girl, and according to BabyNameWizard.com, it refers to a small stream or river. This is perfect to use if your family has a special connection to water, perhaps relevant if you had your wedding next to a river. Brooke would be the ideal middle name for any family that enjoys the water and water activities. So, if your husband is a big fisher, then suggest the middle name Brooke to him and see his face light up because you want to incorporate his hobbies into his daughter's name.

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1 Fawn

Fawn is a delightful middle name, perfect for your daughter. This name is great for parents that are connected to nature and animals. A fawn is a young deer just starting out in this world, just like your little one. It will be a gesture from you to have your little girl live her life with curiosity and wonder that babies have when they are born. Your daughter living her life like this will ensure that she discovers new activities she loves. So give your girl the gift of curiosity with Fawn as a middle name.

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