10 Twin Boy Names That Are Perfect And Unique

Finding the right name for your baby boy can sometimes feel completely draining and daunting. After all, there are so many names to choose from. But when you are having twins, finding two names can be even more challenging. Finding the perfect names for twin boys can mean double the trouble! And you probably thought that double the trouble only comes after you give birth! A name is one of the first gifts a mother will give to her children. That is why it is so important to take your time and choose a name that just feels right. Continue reading to see 10 twin boys names that are perfect and unique.

10 Jeremy And Jamie

Jeremy and Jamie would be the perfect name for your twin boys. It happens to be my twin brothers first names. Jeremy means “exalted of the Lord,” while Jamie means, “supplanter.” Neither name has the most exciting meaning, but don’t let that hinder the beauty of these names. The most popular year for both names happened to be way back in 1977. The name Jamie also happens to be a gender-neutral name. Jeremy falls in at number 72 on the Most Popular Boy Names list.

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9 Logan And Landon

Logan and Landon would make for an amazing duo for twin baby boys. Logan means “Finnian’s servant” and is a gender-neutral name while Landon means “from the long hill.” People with either name tend to seek out the greater truths in their everyday lives. Logan’s are natural born leaders who often have great success in their life. Landon's tend to thrive when everything seems to be in perfect balance and harmony. Logan comes in at number 10 on the Gender-Neutral Names list, and Landon falls in at number 41 on the Boy Names of The 2010s list.

8 Brandon And Brody

Brandon means “brave” or “Prince” and Brody means “second son” – which would be the perfect name for the last born twin. Brandon’s don’t always like to follow rules and Brody’s don’t always like authority figures. Brandon’s tend to see the glass being half full since they are often very optimistic. Brody’s don’t like running with the crowd since they are natural born leaders. Brandon’s can make friends with such great ease while Brody’s thrive in loving and stable families.

7 Kody And Kyle

The adorable boy’s names Kody and Kyle seemingly fit together perfectly. Kody means “cushion” and “helpful” while Kyle means “victorious.” Kody’s have a personality that just seems to draw people toward them and they make excellent leaders. Kyle’s are adventurous and love to travel – even from a young age. Kody’s tend to excel in their artistic abilities and are very creative while Kyle’s tend to be unconventional rather than traditional. Kody’s are brave and tend to feel the most appreciated when they get to work with others directly and Kyle’s tend to neglect their personal lives since they sometimes get so wrapped up in their business goals.

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6 Wyatt And Wade

The names Wyatt and Wade are gorgeous names for twin baby boys. Wyatt means “guide” and Wade means “moving” and “advancer.” Wyatt’s strive for independence and love to choose roles in leadership. Wade’s love observing the beautiful things in life since it makes them feel happy and positive. Wyatt’s tend to find great wealth in life, love, and money, and Wade’s thrive when there are balance and peace in their lives. Wyatt’s tend to focus on their careers and less on their personal lives while Wade’s blossom in stable, loving families and communities.

5 Jayden And Jordan

Jayden and Jordan fit together very well and would be perfect for twin boys. Jayden means “thankful” while Jordan means “river of judgment.” Jayden’s love to feel free and are often quite adventurous. They can also adapt to changes and new situations with ease since they are pretty flexible. Jordan happens to be a gender-neutral name. They can achieve anything they put their mind to and are great problem-solvers. Jayden’s love to be involved in deep conversations and are very easygoing individuals while Jordan’s tend to find wealth in love, life, and in their personal finances.

4 Ethan And Evan

Ethan means “firm” and “long-lived” while Evan means “young” and “God is gracious.” Ethan’s have excellent communication skills and they tend to be very artistic and creative. Evan’s tend to be humanitarians who thrive in stable, loving families and communities. Ethan’s tend to see the glass as being half full versus half empty since they are usually very optimistic. Evan’s are very loving and affectionate individuals who are filled with tons of compassion for others. Ethan’s are usually popular, social, and happy although they can sometimes be overly dramatic while Evan’s can sometimes come off as being overly sensitive.

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3 Caleb And Conner

Caleb and Conner almost go hand-in-hand with their name meanings. Caleb means “dog-like” or “a dog” while Conner means “lover of hounds.” Caleb may not have the best meaning in the world, but don’t let that take away from the beauty of this name. Caleb’s are very adventurous and they really don’t mind change since they are usually very adaptable to any situation. Conner’s love to help others, especially those in need since they are very loving and compassionate individuals.

2 Hunter And Hayden

Hunter is a lovely boys name that means “one who hunts,” and Hayden is a gorgeous gender-neutral name that means “hay hill” or “heathen.” Hunter’s are extremely bright and intelligent. Hayden’s tend to be very cheerful and happy. Hunter’s are usually easygoing and very easy to get along with while Hayden’s are often popular and social with incredible communication skills. Hunter’s constantly make great strides to keep moving forward and Hayden’s are often gifted artistically and creatively; they can bring life to any creative idea that runs through their head.

1 Brayden And Bryce

Brayden means “broad hillside” and Bryce means “speckled,” “zealous,” and “alert.” Brayden’s long for stability and balance in their everyday lives and Bryce’s are often very athletic and tough but usually have a gentle heart. Brayden’s tend to be very family-oriented, caring, kind, affectionate, and compassionate. Bryce’s tend to be wealthy when it comes to their finances and materialistic things but sometimes put their careers first when they grow up. Brayden’s can be overly sensitive at times while Bryce’s are excellent problem-solvers.

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