Period Pain Can Hurt As Much As Having A Heart Attack

A professor of reproductive health has stated that cramping pain caused by periods can be "as bad as having a heart attack."

While the struggle for men and women to be treated equally rages on, there are some ways in which opposite genders are fundamentally different. Biological dissimilarities in which men and women simply can't be equal. The biggest of those differences comes in the form of our opposing reproductive systems.

Men cannot get pregnant and carry a child. Ergo, men don't have periods. That's why, for the most part, men simply don't understand what women go through once a month, every month, for a very large chunk of their lives. That for a few days every month, women have one more thing to think about. A thing that messes with their hormones and can even cause them debilitating pain.

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via The Sun

The pain part of periods is what we want to focus on. It is estimated that PMS affects 80% of all women who have periods. We'd love to meet the lucky 20% who don't have to deal with it. Of those affected, half of them seek out medical treatment to help them cope with PMS. Here in lies the problem. Medicine doesn't have many ways in which it can help alleviate the issues associated with PMS.

That is already unacceptable without this little tidbit of extra information we're about to throw your way. John Guillebaud, professor of reproductive health at University College London, believes menstrual cramps are as painful as having a heart attack. At least that's what he told Quartz recently. Guillebaud also believes period pain hasn't been given the attention it deserves in the medical sphere due to it not being a male problem.

Women suffering with severe menstrual cramps are often told that ibuprofen will be enough to help ease it. If you have been told that and tried it, you might well have been one of the women who ibuprofen didn't work for. Each woman is different, as is her experience during the time of the month she has her period. There isn't one blanket way of helping women who suffer from period pain, and that needs to be recognized by the medical community.


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