10 Tips For Introducing Your Fur Baby To Your New Baby

We all love our fur babies whether it be a cat or a dog. They were the first babies that we feed, love and took care of, but when you are pregnant you need to start thinking about how you will introduce your fur baby to your new baby.

We all hope the introductions will go smoothly, but we cannot control how our little furry ones will react to a new baby in the house. But there are ways to ease the transition for your pets. So keep reading to discover ten of the best ways to introduce your cat or dog to your new baby.

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10 Don’t Force Interactions

All we want is for our fur babies to love and comfort us, and we hope they do the same for our new bundle. But when it comes to baby and pet introductions we cannot force an interaction that our pets don’t want to be in.

Forcing our fur babies to interact with our newborn can cause unnecessary stress in your pets life that might make them act out and possibly harm the baby. So let your pet meet and interact with your new one on their own terms to ensure a successful start to their relationship.

9 No Cross Sharing Items

When you are pregnant, people love surprising you with little gifts for your baby. Whether it is stuffed animals, blankets, or toys, you should not let your animals play with or use baby items. This will help because your pet will start to understand over time that they do not touch those items.

And then by the time the baby arrives home they will know not to go after those items that baby is touching or playing with. But this does go both ways and you need to teach your baby as they grow that they do not play with any of the pets toys.

8 Bring Something Of Baby For Them To Smell

Cats and dogs use both their sight and smell to get accustomed to a new situation. A simple way to start getting your pet to recognize your baby even before they arrive home is to bring a blanket or any other item that has your baby smell on it.

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By introducing the scent of your new baby to them before they arrive home it can help prepare your animals with the new baby and have them feel more comfortable when they arrive. So give your partner a blanket your little one uses and have them drop it off at home so everyone can smell.

7 Look Out for Body Language

One of the best ways to know what your fur babies are thinking when they are interacting with your newborn is to read their body language. If your pet is calm and looks relaxed, then you know they are not stressed or scared over the new situation.

But if your pet is growling or hissing then this is your warning sign to separate the two before matters get worse. It is important though not to punish or discipline your pet for showing this sign because if you do they might just get angry next time without a warning.

6 Get Them Use To Baby Sounds

It may seem a bit strange, but playing sounds a baby makes, like their crying or cooing, will make the transition for your pets easier. Starting off playing the sounds softly will get your pets used to what your baby will sound like when they arrive home.

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Once your pet is not stressed out at the baby sounds, you will be able to raise up the volume little by little so they are prepared to what life will be like when your baby comes home. This little step may feel silly but will help in the long run.

5 Change Sleep Rooms Before Baby Comes Home

If your cat or dog is known for sleeping and resting in the spare room that is going to become the nursery, it is important to start getting them to sleep somewhere else before the baby comes home. Start by keeping that room’s door shut and moving their toys and beds to another area of the house.

This will indicate to your pet that they are not allowed in that room and need to rest were you placed their bed. Doing this before the arrival of your new baby will help with the tension when you come home from the hospital.

4 Allow Curiosity

Your little furry one is going to be curious about the new person in the house no matter how small they are. Remember that your cat or dog does not have the same brain functions as we do, and no matter how many times we say that our new baby is apart of the family, they are not going to understand.

Pets can get to know your precious little one by seeing and smelling. So allowing your pet to be curious by going up to sniff and smell your baby will get your pet used to the new baby quicker.

3 Health Matters

Even before you bring your new baby home it is important to get your cat or dog checked up by the vet. We know it’s not a pets favorite trip to take, but any health issues your pet has could end up affecting your newborn since they do not have the same immune system we do when they are first born.

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Make sure to get your pet checked for fleas, ticks, worms, and anything else that could spread and harm the baby. This small checkup for your pet could end up making a huge difference to your newborn's health once they arrive home.

2 Don’t Forget About Your First Baby

When we bring our baby home our fur babies are not going to understand why you are not giving them the same level of attention as before, and why you are spending so much time with someone who cries all the time. So even though you are going to be exhausted after your newborn arrives, make sure you still give your pet enough attention.

This could mean a new treat or toy for them or calling them over if you are watching T.V. Any little thing you can do to show your pet that you love them will make a huge difference for the change at home.

1 Always Supervise

It doesn’t matter how well behaved or trained your pets are, you always need to supervise interactions between your baby and newborn.

Though your pet won't act of any malicious intentions if you leave them alone, you never know what your baby is going to do and how your pet is going to react. So make sure that you are always aware of what is happening between the two. And no matter how much you trust your fur babies you need to always supervise interactions between your baby and pet.

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