Pete Wentz Talks About How He Co-Parents With Ex-Wife Ashlee Simpson

Fall Out Boy bass player, Pete Wentz, shares how he is co-parenting with his ex-wife Ashlee Simpson.

Pete Wentz and his ex-wife, Ashlee Simpson divorced back in 2011. They are currently co-parenting their 10-year-old son Bronx. He said that he has been co-parenting with Simpson for about 8 years but he certainly does not have all of the answers and they are working every day to provide the best childhood for their son. He said that he certainly isn't going to try to tell everybody the "key" to co-parenting because he isn't perfect and every situation is so different. In his case, he feels the best thing to do is to "listen to people and give people balance."

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Wentz said that Simpson is a great mom and he is grateful that Bronx has such a good mother. Simpson has a four year old daughter with her husband Evan Ross. She named her daughter Jagger. Wentz is also a father to his son Saint, 5, and his daughter Marvel, 17 months. He shares his two younger children with his girlfriend Meagan Camper. Wentz said that his girlfriend is a great mother to their two children and a great step-mother to Bronx. Wentz admits that she is also a great balance for him.

The artist was asked if he wanted to have more children and he said he was not sure yet. He is definitely on the fence about whether or not to add more to their family. He shares that he might have more kids but "we'll see." As for Simpson and her husband, they definitely want to have more children. She said that she really wants to give Bronx and Jagger a baby brother or sister.

Ashlee says that she really wants her children to be creative and learn how to use their imaginations. “When I’m working [on my art], she’s in there,” Ross said of Jagger. “I’ll have to catch her because she might draw across the whole picture. She’s just an artist, and she’s got an amazing voice. Bronx, my stepson, is brilliant. I think he’s, like, about to be the next George Lucas [with] his imagination.” Ross said that he is so lucky that Wentz allows him to help raise the 10-year-old. Ross loves being Bronx's step-parent and being part of his life. He shares that there is a mutual respect among all of the parents and that is really awesome. “I think the fact that there is a lot of respect amongst all of us, that makes it easier. And we’re all really close friends. We got really lucky with that.”

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