Model Petra Nemcova Reveals She Almost Gave Birth To Her Son In Her Car At 34 Weeks

Model Petra Nemcova revealed that she almost gave birth to her son in a car at 34 weeks. The 40-year-old announced on Wednesday when she went to Instagram and disclosed the birth of her son.

Nemcova posted on her account that she gave birth to the boy a few weeks before her due date. She excitedly announced that the baby unexpectedly arrived on Friday, November 15, and she almost had him in her car. She explained that she and her husband, Benjamin Larretche, were staying in a remote area when the baby signalled his arrival. Nature surrounded their place of stay, and they were in the middle of a storm as they hurried and tried to get to the closest hospital. Petra wrote that they felt the grace and unconditional love embrace them as she tried to avoid giving birth to a premature baby in the vehicle.

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People reported that Nemcova went on to reveal that they went to different hospitals to ensure the baby recovers and grows to be stronger and healthier. She described the experience as divine, as she felt the support and guidance of angels through the emotional incident.

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The Czech model added that they did not reveal the birth at the time because she and husband wanted to make sure of the boy's health and safety without worrying others in the process. She wrote that the baby was safe and expressed her gratitude and love to the universe and God for providing her family with protection and peace at a crucial time. She also noted that the event showed her how love could form when the body, mind, heart, and soul align, providing her with truth and wisdom about life and the miracle of divine timing.

Petra appreciates the miracles of life, as she is also a survivor of the Indian Ocean tsunami and earthquake that took place in 2004 in Thailand. She was on vacation with the photographer and her then-boyfriend, Simon Atlee, who did not survive the disaster. Nemcova held on to a palm tree while listening to children cry, an experience that led her to help children by rebuilding schools in places destroyed by natural disasters. She uses her identity as a model and philanthropist to bring awareness to the importance of environmental protection, as shown when she prepared an eco-friendly baby shower back in September.

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