Philadelphia Toddler Dies In Mother’s Arms After Mysterious Shooting

Trigger: Child death.

Depending on where you live, gun violence is either not an issue or a major problem. If where you live falls under the latter, then your biggest fear is most likely you or your family getting shot. It's a fear that no one wants to ever have to worry about, yet many are still forced to.

Unfortunately for one family in Philadelphia, Pennslyvania, they're currently in the midst of this terrifying nightmare. A toddler- two-year-old Nikolette Rivera- was shot and later died in her mother's arms during a shooting earlier this week. She was inside her Kensington home on the 3300 block of Water Street when she was hit by bullets from an AK-47.

Two unnamed adults- the victim's 24-year-old mother and a 33-year-old man- were also shot, but are expected to survive. The mother was shot in the back and right side of her head, and is said to be in stable condition. The man was shot in the stomach, and listed in critical condition. Yet none of this changes the fact that little Nikolette was senselessly killed.

"This beautiful child was being held by her mother when she was shot and killed by an individual who fired a rifle into her home," said a statement from the Philadelphia police department.

via Philadelphia Inquirer


As for motive, it appears that the home was the intended target, even if Nikolette wasn't. Police are saying that her father was the target, although they didn't reveal or even hint as to why. At the time of the shooting, the father- who has also not been identified in the media- wasn't home. This means that he wasn't hurt or killed when the shooting occurred. Yet despite this, police are still investigating everything at this time.

Since the shooting, an arrest has been made. Freddie Perez of Philadelphia has since been charged with one count of murder and nine counts of attempted murder. However, a second suspect is said to still be at large. Police are now hard at work trying to identify and capture him.

"The investigating is still fluid, we are still looking for someone. We do not have that person’s name but at the end of the day we believe that two people were involved, one of them is in custody. We will continue to work the case," Philadelphia Police Commissioner Christine Coulter explained.

If you or someone you know has any information about this shooting or the second shooter's identity, the Philadelphia police department urges you to call 215-686-TIPS. You can remain completely anonymous when you leave your tip.

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