Watch: Phillies Fan Catches Foul Ball While Holding Baby At Game

This Phillies fan casually caught a foul ball with one hand while holding his baby in the other. As far as sporty dads go, this one is a super dad. The amazing feat of athleticism, love for sports, and dad instincts was caught on camera, and the internet users can’t believe their eyes.

Sporty dads want to take their kids to the games. One of the best kinds of bonding a father and his kid can have is watching their favourite sport together. Whether they grow up to support the same team or not, children of sports-crazy dads know that talking about games or playing it with their dads brings them closer. Many dads start them young and even bring infants to the games despite them being too young to comprehend everything that’s happening.

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Last Wednesday, a Phillies fan was cheering for his team as they played against the D-backs. As usual, foul balls were flying across the stadium, and fans are always eager to catch one to bring home as a souvenir. This dad was sitting in the stands when he saw a foul ball coming towards him. Instead of putting down his baby to catch it, he confidently caught it in one hand and broke no sweat doing it.

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NBC Sports Philadelphia interviewed this dad to ask how he was able to do it. He told the press that his past experiences of playing baseball in high school and college have ingrained the muscle memory needed to be ready at all times to catch a ball. The reflexes never went away, so he was able to confidently catch the foul ball even though it was spinning towards him at a high speed. His baby was completely unaware of what just happened, but now the dad has a cool story for when his kid gets older.

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Perhaps one day, this dad’s baby will grow up to be a baseball-lover too. Displayed somewhere in their house will be the baseball that brought their dad internet fame and respect from baseball fans across the country. It will be hard to live up to that legendary story, so they’ll start practicing catching baseballs with one hand as well.

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