‘American Idol’ Winner Phillip Phillips Reveals His Wife Is Pregnant With Their First Child

Phillip Phillips is going to have something new to sing about! The American Idol winner just revealed that he and his wife, Hannah Blackwell, are expecting their first child.

The musician took to social media to share the good news with his followers, added that their little one is due in the fall and will be a baby boy. The happy announcement featured Phillip and Hannah lying beside a yellow onesie that says “gentleman.” They placed their baby’s sonogram on top of the onesie, making it clear they’re going to be parents soon!

"Phillip and Hannah sittin' in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in the baby carriage this fall! #P^3," Phillip wrote in the caption. His wife shared a black-and-white version of the sweet shot, writing, "We've been keeping a secret this year. New little guy coming in a few months."

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The happy couple have been married since October of 2015 after meeting at Phillips’ charitable event, Mission Change, which he held in honour of his sister. Their lavish wedding was held at the Resora Plantation in Albany, Georgia, in which they tied the knot in front of over 250 guests.

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Prior to their wedding, Phillip couldn’t help gush about his long-time love. “I’m so excited,” he told Hollywood Life shortly after their engagement. “What I love most about her is she’s my best friend and I can tell her anything. I just love her.”

Hannah couldn’t help but echo the same sentiments. “I feel like when I met Phillip, he was the answer to so many questions that I had. He just makes everything make sense for me,” she explained. Awe!

The adorable couple usually stays quiet when it comes to their personal life. The couple often resides in his home state of Georgia, which is where fans are expecting Phillip and Hannah plan on raising their son. With the 28-year old’s bustling music career, it’s highly likely that he may be on the road for the beginning of his son’s life. Then again, the star may choose to take a step out of the spotlight to focus on his adorable family.

However, it’s clearly too early to jump to any conclusions about how Phillip’s growing family may or may not impact his career. At the very least, he’ll definitely have inspiration for new material, so perhaps we can expect another album sooner than later.

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