Philly Mom Delivers Her Own Baby On The Side Of The Highway

A new mother in Philadelphia just delivered her own baby on the side of the highway.

Kathryn Fazzie, and her husband, Nick, were traveling in a snowstorm with their little toddler in the backseat. They were taking an early Thanksgiving trip to New England and Canada. They both knew that Kathryn was very pregnant and this would most likely be their last family vacation together as a family of three. Their new child wasn't due until January 11th and so they figured they were probably safe considering it was only November. The family was staying the night in a hotel during their trip. They said that in the middle of the night they both woke up at the exact same time feeling as if somebody was standing over them. She felt like it was her late grandfather, who had delivered many babies during his time as a police officer. Kathryn said she all of a sudden didn't feel very well. She went into the bathroom and was trying to breathe through the pain. Nick figured it was time to leave and find a hospital. The family packed up their daughter and began driving through the stormy weather. They had to stop for gas because their rental car was completely on empty.

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The couple was over an hour away from the hospital that they wanted to deliver at and Kathryn was beginning feel more pain. She quickly tried to recline her seat as far as she could go and then they heard a loud boom. They knew that was her water breaking. Upon hearing the water breaking Nick called 9-1-1. He then got disconnected and he began panicking. Kathryn then told her husband she had to push. So she did. She gave one small push and her son came out.

When she delivered her child she immediately grabbed him and used her pinky to clear airway. She grabbed a scarf and wrapped him up. She then had to unwrap him because she didn't even know what the gender was yet. Nick said that he didn't even know that there was a baby he just looked over and she was holding a child. Kathryn proudly told her husband, "it's a boy." Her husband had finally got reconnected to an emergency dispatcher and he told them that they needed an ambulance. He pulled over to the side of the road where they waited for an emergency vehicle to arrive.

The ambulance, EMTs and state trooper arrived a few minutes later. They cut the umbilical cord and checked all of the vitals of both the baby and Kathryn. They brought them to the hospital where the doctors helped her deliver her placenta. They were able to make sure that they were healthy. The state trooper said that they respond to a lot of calls on that highway and that call is the complete opposite of what they usually have to report to, especially during a snow storm. Everybody was just so glad that everybody was happy and healthy.

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