Phoenix Woman Tries To Steal Baby From Target Parking Lot

Nicole Nutting has been accused of kidnapping a seven-month-old baby in a Target parking lot last Monday. The incident has made many parents paranoid, and it is a grim reminder to always keep watch of your kids. Someone in the parking lot could just try to take your baby away from you.

On November 4th, Danielle Nutting believed that her baby was in another person’s car while she was wandering around a Target parking lot in Phoenix, Arizona. The 38-year-old woman approached the car of Laura Valdez, and she spotted a child in the car seat. Upon seeing the child, she began to yell, “Travis, Travis, the baby’s right here! That’s my baby!” Valdez was confused and scared, but she didn’t expect what would happen next.

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Nutting grabbed the car seat the baby was in and attempted to take the infant with her. Even though she was terrified, Valdez’ protective motherly instincts kicked in. She used bodily force to get Nutting away from her baby, and she put her daughter back in her car. At this point, Valdez realized she was in trouble.

Clearly, Nutting believed that the baby was hers. As soon as Valdez fought for her baby, Nutting got violent. She grabbed Valdez’ hair in an attempt to hurt her so that she can once again take the car seat with the infant in it. Valdez began hitting the woman to defend herself and her baby, and eventually, she was able to get away.

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The moment was surreal, and Valdez couldn’t believe someone had actually tried to kidnap her baby. Once they were safe, she started crying because she realized and internalized what had actually happened and what could have happened if she didn’t act accordingly. All it would’ve taken is a couple seconds of not paying attention, and her baby would’ve been taken away from her forever.

According to court records, Nutting has had a history of assault, causing damage, and convictions involving drugs. After the incident, she has been charged with assault and attempted custodial interference. She has permanently caused trauma on Valdez and her baby, so the courts aim to punish her accordingly.

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