Phone Addiction May Be Ruining Your Relationship With Your Kids

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but the more time you spend on your phone, the higher the chance that you might be neglecting your child’s emotional needs.

In fact, there’s a new report that suggests your cell phone might be ruining your relationship with your child. This is because so many parents seem to more preoccupied with each email, text, like and notification than their own children.

For a lot of parents, they love to not only keep in touch with their family and friends via social media but they also use it to document each and every little dance, step, laugh, or memorable moment that their children make.

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According to Your Tango, many of us feel the need to respond to every text that beeps on our smartphones the moment we hear a ring tone or notification. But because adults are now more glued to their phones than ever before, it’s ruining our relationship with our loved ones and even threatening the human connection that we have with others.

As tempting as it is to play yet another round of Candy Crush on your phone, health and early childhood experts suggest that parents start putting down the phone before their smartphone usage becomes a problem, or worse, an addiction.

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Thankfully, there are several things that parents can do to help curb their usage or the amount of time they are glued to a screen.

First and foremost, set boundaries for yourself the same way you would set boundaries for your kids. In other words, it would probably be a good idea to set a timer or download an app that tracks how much time you use your phone each day. Make it a daily goal to try and use your phone less each day.

Also, be mindful. If your child is tugging at your pants because he or she wants your attention, set the phone down or better yet, give yourself “no technology” days so you can solely focus on your family.

Additionally, keep in mind that parents are often the first role models that their children will ever have in their lives. If you want your child to stay off their electronic devices, practice what you preach and put yours away in your bag or drawer at home, too.

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