Photographer Creates Adorable ‘Christmas Vacation’ Photoshoot With Newborns

Everyone has their favourite holiday movies they enjoy watching this time of year (or all-year-round, we’re not judging). Some enjoy family favourites such as Rudolph or Frosty the Snowman, while others watch Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf on replay.

However, there are those who enjoy the holiday high-jinx movie from the 1980s National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation starring Chevy Chase. Clark Griswold tries to have the best traditional Christmas at home with his family, but nothing in the movie comes out traditional at all. Though Chevy Chase may have starred in the beloved holiday classic, this year, these newborns who starred in a Christmas Vacation photoshoot have completely stolen the show (sorry Clark).

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Amy Haehl, owner of Coffee Creek Studio in Indiana, thought it would be clever to dress up newborns as characters from Christmas Vacation for an advertisement, and she did an incredible job. Two newborns depict different characters in several scenes from the movie. Each picture is so carefully detailed with references to the movie and will bring a smile to all who see them. By looking carefully you can find the burnt Christmas tree, Snot the dog, the moose mugs with eggnog, and even the cat “crime scene”.

Haehl told ScaryMommy, “There were so many details that just had to be included, right down to the little squirrel on ‘Clark’s’ shoulder...which most haven’t even noticed!” The photoshoot took over a year to plan and executing it was a lot of work. However, her hard work really did the movie justice. Clark would have been proud.

Well here they are!!!! This year we're celebrating a fun old-fashioned family Christmas!!! The planning of these photos...

Posted by Coffee Creek Studio by Amy Haehl on Monday, November 18, 2019

Haehl was inspired to do this shoot by her successful photoshoot last year of Ralphie from A Christmas Story. She had a newborn wearing the famous pink bunny pyjamas curled up on a tiny couch, next to the leg lamp of course. One of the pictures even has the newborn holding a toy gun that resembles the BB gun Ralphie keeps asking for through the movie.

Even though these photoshoots aren’t the easiest to pull off, Haehl said, “They’re just so rewarding for me to create, even though they’re costly and take a lot of work. I also love that they are loved by so many others.” Her Facebook post about the photos continues to flourish with likes and shares every day. Since she has received such a positive response from the public, she said that she already has plans to do more creative shoots like these in the near future.

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