Photographer Doesn't Think Girls Should Have To Choose Between Being A Princess And An Athlete

A photograph believed that girls shouldn't have to choose between being a princess and being an athlete. They can be both!


Being a young girl is very difficult. Girls try to find their place in this world and they try to figure out their identity. When girls are young, or adolescents they get told that they can either like sports or be a princess. If girls are in sports they are considered to be "tom-boys" and then if girls like princesses they are considered "girly-girls." It is hard to like princesses and be into sports as a young girl. People make them out to be contradictions! Why can't girls like princesses and sports?

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Photographer Heather Mitchell thinks that women can be both athletes and princess. She says that girls should not have to choose. They should be able to do both. Mitchell was at a softball game when she overheard a mother saying Mitchell's daughter, Paislee was not athletic, because she was a "girly-girl." It was as if girls were not allowed to be an athlete and enjoy "pretty things." Mitchell decided to start a project where she depicts little girls as both princess and athletes.

Mitchell couldn't sleep that night after she heard the comments that the woman made about her daughter not being athletic, because she was a "girly-girl." Yes, her daughter wanted to be a princess. However, her daughter is extremely athletic and loves playing softball. Why can't she be both things? Mitchell told her husband that she was going to photograph her daughter as a princess, but all dressed up as if she is going to play sports. She posted the picture on her personal Facebook. The post went viral. Parents started writing her about how they wanted their daughters to be possed in the same style as her daughter Paislee. Overnight Mitchell had 16 bookings from parents who loved the pictures.

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Girls should never have to choose between sports and princesses. Just because a girl likes "girly" things doesn't mean she can't like sports. And just because a girl is really into sports doesn't mean she can wear pretty dresses and wear make-up. It is important to let our daughters be whatever they want and not make them limit themselves to one "category."

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