New Photos Have Fans Thinking Kate Middleton Is Expecting Baby No. 4

New pictures of Kate Middleton might indicate that she is pregnant with their fourth child.

People are always on the lookout for signs indicating that Kate Middleton is pregnant with her fourth child. Just a few months ago the couple was under much speculation as to whether or not they were pregnant with another child. However, she stomped on those rumors very quickly after she posted a picture of her and Prince William drinking a beer and smiling at the camera. Those rumors stopped, but of course, people didn't take long to start wondering if there is another royal baby on the way.

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Fans are wondering if she is pregnant after a few pictures started circulating. Many of the pictures of Kate were shown of her holding a clutch in front of her midsection. Fans started going crazy and wondering if she was holding the clutch in that fashion because she was possibly trying to hide a little baby bump. Speculators are saying that many pregnant women start subconsciously rub their bellies and rest their hands on their stomachs right when they figure out that they are pregnant. Kate was seen multiple times resting her hands on her belly which caused many people to believe that she is very early on with her pregnancy with number 4.

Of course, if she were pregnant she is still very early and wouldn't announce for several more weeks. Especially since Kate showed no signs of actually having a baby bump. She was still as thin as usual and no sign that there was a baby growing in there.

We aren't even sure if the couple really wants more children. The reason people are so quick to speculate about them being pregnant all the time is that they make such great parents. We would love to see them bring more beautiful babies into this world. However, pregnancy is certainly not easy for the couple. With each of her pregnancies, she had to deal with severe sickness called Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Throughout her entire pregnancy, she was throwing up and had to be hospitalized for fluids on multiple occasions. She might not want more kids just because of how sick she is during her pregnancy and it takes a lot out of her.

We love the royal couple and would be excited to hear the news of another baby, but certainly understand if they are done! We just love them so much!

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