10 Adorable Photos Of Movie Stars With Their Kids

Babies and children are so precious and adorable. Almost everyone has a soft spot in their heart for kids. We can sometimes forget that celebrities are people too and that they are trying their best to raise their own children – just like the rest of us. And who doesn’t like looking at pictures of their favorite celebs?

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In this case, we are specifically talking about movie stars such as Angelina Jolie, Katherine Heigl, and Will Smith just to name a few. If movie stars pique your interest, you are in the right place. Today, we have 10 adorable photos of movie stars with their kids for you to check out! Keep reading to see more!

10 Will And Jada Smith With Their Superstar Children And Close Friends

This beautiful IG photo of the Smith family – and two friends who are the first and second persons on the top left-hand side – was taken in July of 2018 during a family vacation. The man on the top row in the middle is nonother than Will Smith, standing next to him is his oldest son, Trey, who Will had with his ex-wife, Sheree. The first person on the top right is Jaden. The women squatting on the bottom row is Jada (left) and Willow (right).

9 Jessica Alba With Her Gorgeous Family

This is such an adorable photo of Jessica Alba, her loving husband, Cash Warren, and their three wonderful children. The baby boy that Jessica is holding is her only son and youngest child, Hayes Alba Warren. Hayes was born on December 31, 2017, making him a New Year’s Eve baby.

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The little girl whose face Hayes is touching is Jessica’s middle child, Haven Garner Warren, and she was born on August 12, 2011. Jessica’s first-born is directly behind Haven and her name is Honor Marie Warren and she was born on June 7, 2008. The rainbow theme in this picture is just stunning!

8 Angelina Jolie With Her Six Fabulous Children

Angelina Jolie is a very well-known actress and she has six fabulous children with her ex-husband, actor, Brad Pitt. Together, the pair has three girls and three boys. This photo was from a family movie night in February of 2019. Angelina’s oldest son, Maddox, 17, was born on August 5th, 2001.

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Her second oldest son, Pax, 15, was born in 2003. Angie’s youngest son, who also happens to be a twin, is named Knox, 10, and he was born on July 12, 2008. Knox’s twin sister is named Vivienne. Angelina’s last two children are both girls; Shiloh, 13, was born on May 27, 2006, and Zahara, 14, was born in 2005.

7 Anne Hathaway And The Lovely Jonathan

This is such a cute picture of actress Anne Hathaway pushing her baby boy, Jonathan, in his stroller in New York City in late 2018. Anne gave birth to her son in 2016 with her husband Adam Shulman – who she married in 2012. In this picture, The Devil Wears Prada actress appears to be looking off into the distance while Jonathan is looking straight ahead and is touching his itsy-bitsy nose. He is such a precious little boy and is lucky to have Anne as his mother.

6 Katherine Heigl And Her Adorable Family Of Five

This picture shows the adorable Heigl-Kelley clan. Katherine is shown in this photo with her two wonderful daughters, Naleigh and Adalaide, her handsome little guy, Joseph, along with her hubby, Josh, who she married back in 2007. The Knocked Up actress is pictured here filter free – meaning she is all natural here.

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Katherine and Josh adopted their little girl, Naleigh, in 2009 and then adopted their other daughter, Adalaide, in 2002. Then, to make their family complete, Katherine gave birth to their only son, Joseph, on December 20, 2016.

5 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson And His Two Youngest Daughters

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has three beautiful daughters. The picture above shows The Tooth Fairy actor with his two youngest daughters; Jasmine, 3, who was born in December of 2016, and Tiana, 1, who was brought into this world in June of 2018. Both of these girls are with The Rocks longtime girlfriend, Lauren Hashian.

4 Kate Hudson With Her Charming Children

Kate Hudson recently became a mom of three in 2018. This picture shows a relaxed moment with the How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days actress and her adorable children. Her oldest son, Ryder, 15, was born in 2004. Kate’s middle child, Bingham, 7, was born in 2011.

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And her youngest child and only daughter, Rani Rose, is only 8-months-old. Kate has such a charming little family and her children are just the cutest. Perhaps her kids will eventually star in their own movies just like their famous mama and their famous grandparents.

3 Jennifer Garner Had An Amazing Playdate With Her Children

The 13 Going on 30 actress, Jennifer Garner, is pictured here leaving a playground after having a wonderful play date with her little ones. This photo was taken somewhere around 2013 when her youngest child, Samuel, who is now 7, was only about one-year-old. Her other two children, both daughters, Violet, 13, and Serphina, 10, are also pictured here walking alongside their adoring mother. All her children share the same father, Jennifer’s ex-husband, Ben Affleck. You can see here that Jen is carrying a bag full of toys for her little ones.

2 Vin Diesel Is One Proud Father

Vin Diesel, whose real name is Mark Sinclair, 51, is the proud father to three beautiful children; two daughters and one son. In the bottom left-hand corner of this picture, you don’t necessarily see Vin’s gorgeous face but instead, you can see a red robe that simply says, “Dad.”

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But just because you can’t see his face, does not mean that he isn’t there. His oldest child is seen here on the left-hand side; Hania, 11, was born in 2008. The child in the middle happens to be his youngest, Pauline, 4, and she was born in 2015. Then, on the right-hand side, you can see his only son, Vincent, 9, who was born in 2010. This picture was taken on Christmas day while Vin’s children are opening their amazing gifts.

1 Bradley Cooper Takes His Daughter To See Santa

Bradley Cooper, 44, is pictured here in late November 2017 taking his baby girl to go see Santa Clause in Los Angeles, California. His daughter and only child is now 2-years-old as of March 21, 2019. Her name is Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper and her mother’s name is Irina Shayk. This photo of Bradley and his little girl is just so adorable. This happened to be Lea’s first Christmas and a baby’s first Christmas is always something to celebrate.

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