The First Photos of Russell Wilson And Ciara's Daughter Sienna

Russell Wilson and wife, Ciara, finally released the first photos of their adorable baby daughter! The wait is over folks. We finally have photos of baby Sienna.

It took the couple more than nine months to release photos of this newest addition to their family. Although it took time, the Internet is now in good spirits after many were seriously starting to wonder whether their daughter actually existed.

A few fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the situation, one user saying: “Am I the only one that’s concerned about how we haven’t seen Russell and Ciara’s baby…like does she even exist?” Well, the wait is up, because she does!

Baby girl Sienna made her public debut on Feb. 15, 2018, when Ciara shared a picture of the nearly 10-month old baby via Twitter. “She’s The Sweetest Angel!” the singer captioned her photo, in a rose gold silk dress sitting on vintage trunks holding her beautiful daughter.

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Russell isn’t in the photo. But according to Ciara, he was the mastermind behind the shot and played the role of photographer. The NFL player is setting the football down and picking the camera up, as he dabbles in photography during this off-season. The Seahawks quarterback has actually taken many photos of Ciara and their daughter Sienna over the last few months, may of which have been released on Ciara’s TraceMe app.

Although Russell wasn’t in the above photo, there’s plenty more going around. Ciara decided to included dad in a photo with Sienna this past week, as she was hanging out with her Super Bowl XLVIII-winning dad.

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The “One Two Step” singer already has a son with ex-Future. She is excited as ever to welcome a girl with current husband Russell, who is a first-time father. Sienna Princess Wilson has impeccable timing. She was born during the middle of the NFL Draft on April 28, 2018.

“Wait, did Russell Wilson’s baby drive during the third round of the NFL draft? That’s amazing,” twitter user John Boyle said. We’re glad to see the couple beaming with smiles over their beautiful daughter.

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