Certain Phrases Can Be Used To Help Reduce Anxiety In Children

Calming an anxious child can be a daunting task, especially when you are in public or already stressed out from your day. Handling a child that is anxious or having a tantrum is a struggle, but there are a few phrases that will come in handy when you find yourself in that situation.

Sometimes calming a child down is all about saying the right thing in the right voice. It is not about yelling, screaming or making threats. The child needs to feel safe, secure and know that he or she is not getting into trouble. Some phrases will instantly make your little one feel better, and we are here to remind you of the ones that work the best to help you calm your anxious child.

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Ask your little one if he or she can draw how they are feeling. The act of drawing their feelings will give the child something else to focus on besides their feelings. It is an excellent outlet for the child's feelings, primarily when he or she can't entirely use their words to explain how they feel.

"Tell me the worst thing that can happen" is an excellent start to calming your kid. Getting the child to talk about the worst thing that could happen in the situation will get them to focus on something other than the anxiety. Plus, it will help the child realize their fear is not as bad as they are making it out to be. This is a great technique to instill in a kid because it will give them a tool for dealing with adult issues when they are grown up.

The most important phrase you could say to a child is "I love you. You are safe." Those words will immediately help your child relax. Hearing they are safe and loved gives a kid a sense of security. The phrase should honestly be said all the time to children, not just when you are trying to calm them down. There is nothing more important than for a child to truly understand the feeling of love and safety.

When your child has anxiety the way you deal with it will stay with him or her forever. Use a calming, soothing phrase or activity to help the little one get through the moments and other times that they may face in the future.


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