10 Pictures To Snap During Your Baby's First Year (That Aren't Milestone Shots)

Hop on your Instagram and take a look at the pictures you see of kids. First days of school, birthdays, first steps, holidays, and about a million other perfectly posed photos that will look great in a photo album someday (assuming anyone actually prints the pictures, of course). These pictures are great and every parent loves to look back on these memories as their babies turn into grown adults. However, the perfectly staged moments aren't the only things worth remembering in years to come.

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During that first year of life, your baby will change so much and will do some of the cutest things for only a short period of time. A baby with a pacifier in its mouth that's so big it takes up most of its face is adorable, and your baby will only be small enough for that to be the case for a matter of weeks. There are so many great moments in a baby's first year of life that should be captured, even if they won't rack up hundreds of likes on social media.

10 Sleeping In Their Crib In Literal Child's Pose

There is this sweet spot with babies where they can sleep on their bellies but still haven't passed the one-year mark where they can have things in their bed with them (trust us, by the time they're toddlers you'll wonder how they even sleep with all the weird stuff they insist on bringing to bed). So, there they are, in footie pajamas all curled up in literal child's pose in their crib. It's so cute! Their little booty is up in the air and their face is smashed up against the mattress and this is literally the only time it's okay (and not creepy) to sneak pictures of someone sleeping. We promise you'll stumble upon these pictures later and get all warm and fuzzy.

9 Laughing At Something Utterly Ridiculous

Everything in the world is new to a baby. Something as basic as someone jumping is amazing to them because they're thinking "whoah! Are they flying? Are they levitating? How did they propel themselves into the air like that?!" With this wonder also comes amusement at some of the simplest things, which leads to cute baby belly laughs at an everyday object. If your baby is dying laughing over a fork, get a picture. You'll look back on that picture in a few years and find yourself laughing right along with your baby and remembering just how silly they were (fair warning, these are the kinds of photos that trigger baby fever).

8 Snuggling On Your Partner While They Read Or Work

Little kids love to be snuggled and try to do grown-up things. So, at some point or another, your baby will want to be held by your partner while they are trying to do something else like read, work, watch sports, or something else they enjoy. These are little precious moments worth capturing.

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Your partner is doing what they want/need to do, and your child loves them so much that they will sit there and watch something on TV that doesn't interest them or stare at the pages of a novel just to be close to the person they love. You will never see a teenager do this, so capture it while you can.

7 Passed Out At A Loud Event

Have you ever been to a game and up on the jumbotron they show a kid in the crowd that's passed out on its parent's shoulder? It's adorable. Adults look at that baby and think "man, I wish I could sleep anywhere like that!". Parents usually aren't even angry that they spent all that money on a ticket for their kid because it's just so cute. Snap pictures of those moments. Soon, your life will be dictated by nap schedules and bedtime, because your kid won't sleep well unless it's in their own bed. You'll think twice before even buying tickets to a game because your child will absolutely not sleep through it, they will just become a terror because they missed out on their nap for the day or it's way past their bedtime.

6 Having An Epic Meltdown At An Otherwise Happy Event

Look, we don't think it's nice to shame your kids or anything, but we can all agree that some of the things babies cry over are hilarious! Seeing a kid cry because he can't eat the dog's food its funny, and a little girl throwing herself on the floor kicking and screaming because she can't take the cat into the bathtub with her is priceless. Capture some of these moments with your baby - when it's crying in its Halloween costume, or screaming because someone wants to give it a bite of their cake icing and they're scared of it. These are funny moments that will make you smile and laugh for years to come.

5 Splashing In The Bathtub

Remember those baby pictures that were super popular in the 90's where the kids were dressed up as like flowers or sitting in buckets? How pictures of baby's in baths haven't become nearly that popular is a mystery to us.

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Really, during your baby's first year, it will still be small enough to be contained in the bathtub (and won't fight with you over how much water you put in there) and will simply love splashing around in the water. Get some pictures of those little giggles and amusement because it won't last forever.

4 Playing With The Family Pet

There's a reason there are so many Instagram accounts dedicated to pictures of babies and pets - because it's adorable! Seriously, what is better than seeing a tiny human snuggled up next to a giant dog while the dog lays there patiently, protecting its little friend? Nothing. There is literally nothing better. Instead of relying on those Instagram accounts full of strangers, snap as many pictures as you can of your own baby and pet in those adorable moments. You'll find yourself looking back on those memories more often than you know.

3 Trying A Sweet Treat For The First Time

Sugar. It has a bad rap, but we can all agree that it's delicious and addicting and no one loves it more than little kids. Many parents wait until their kid's first birthday to introduce them to sugar (through their smash cake), but if you decide to give your kiddo a sweet treat before that birthday, get the moment on camera! You will love to go back and watch the look on your child's face turn from "what's this?" to "okay, I'll give it a shot" to "oh my, that's good" to "GIVE ME MORE!". It's hilarious and sweet and worth not waiting until their first birthday.

2 "Reading" A Book

Baby's get to a point where they like to look at picture books and turn the pages during tummy time. In fact, they'll even have their own favorite books to do this with. From a distance, it will actually look like your baby is "reading" its favorite little book. Snap some pictures of these moments, not only because it's silly, but also because if they have a love for reading later in life you'll have these little pictures to remind you of where that love sparked.

1 Literally Anything As Long As You're In The Picture, Too

With all of the baby photos filling up a mama's phone, only a small fraction of them have her in them too. It's understandable because who wants to take a picture of herself when she's covered in spit-up, in three-day-old yoga pants, and so has so much dry shampoo in her hair she wonders if she even needs real shampoo anymore. The thing is, even if you feel like you're at your worst, your child doesn't think that. When you're old, you'll want to look back on these moments with your baby and you'll smile at the hot mess you were as a new mom. Get in those pictures so your kids have memories of you when they're grown up, and you do too.

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