Pinkfong Releases 'Sing & Swim Bath Toy' (Because Even Tub Time Isn't Safe From 'Baby Shark')

Earlier this year, we reported that the hit song, "Baby Shark" swam its way into the top 100 tracks on Billboard—and the song is certainly here to stay. Although the track originally hit airwaves back in 2016, the dynamite hit has only continued to grow in popularity over time. Since the song's inception, "Baby Shark" has made history for being on the list of the most viewed YouTube videos of all times. To date, the song has accumulated over two billion views on YouTube.

Pinkfong, an educational brand based out of South Korea, is the creative genius behind the wildly popular song. Although the company's main mascot is a cute pink fox, the organization struck gold with a short video involving an underwater adventure and a family of sharks. The business has expanded to include educational videos, apps, live musical shows, and animated television shows for children to enjoy. Many of the musical songs and videos are less than three minutes long, which are perfect for toddler's limited attention spans. As an added bonus, many of the videos are also offered in a variety of different languages—such as Korean, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Russian—for international audiences.

During the holidays last year, many Baby Shark related toys from WowWee were completely sold out at retailers. Naturally, more aquatic-themed toys have just joined the fun, including a new Baby Shark Sing & Swim bath toy. If you prefer something equally interactive, Pinkfong has released a Baby Shark Official Sound Book, featuring ten different melodies and songs for your children to enjoy. Or, turn towards something plush and cuddly with the Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Song Cube. Colorful, smiley, and of course, melodic, these plush toys are loads of fun. Toddlers and children alike are bound to get a kick out of these, and they'll be guaranteed to have them singing away for hours on end.

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If you're looking for something a little more practical, but still a whole lot of fun, look at the new Baby Shark plush school bag from the brand, BookBag. Featuring the famous animated shark characters, children everywhere can carry the lovable baby shark family wherever they go. While many families are gearing up for back to school shopping, take a moment to browse through some of these delightfully fun Baby Shark options.

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