Pippa Middleton Flaunts Her Baby Bump

Pippa Middleton has spent the first half of the year under the radar, with her sister giving birth to her third child and her brother-in-law marrying a once-divorced American actress-activist in a wedding that turned tradition on its ear and then some.

But now it's her turn. And what an entrance into the spotlight after all these months. On Friday, the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted on the go in Chelsea, England with some extra curvature to her contours. Yep, there it was, a true blue baby bump.

She had initially broken the news in one of the columns she regularly writes for Waitrose Magazine, saying that there was indeed a royal bun in the oven courtesy of husband and former racecar driver James Matthews. It will be the first child for the 34-year-old writer, who's usually adept at keeping to herself, a feat that was quite easy for her while her in-laws were dominating headlines in the spring of this year.



Even though the tabloids had reported rumors about Middleton being pregnant as far back as April, no one from the Royal Family was on hand to confirm them. And when she and her husband were out in public at the wedding ceremony for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, there wasn't a hint that she was expecting. Even when they attended the first day of the French Open tennis tournament in France at the end of May, the evidence was barely there.

Considering neither Middleton or Matthews is in the throne queue reserved for those with the pedigree to succeed Queen Elizabeth II, there was obviously no rush to have a child. The couple has been keeping their pregnancy on the down low, not jumping to share their news. They have been officially married since May of 2018.

But anything connected to British royalty will always be headline news, no matter how nonchalant or how far a person is located from the Windsor-Mountbatten bloodlines. Just the same, though, Middleton isn't giving up on any of her work anytime soon. Besides writing a column, she's also dedicating her time to her charity obligations, including Disability Snowsport UK, an organization that helps with winter Paralympian athletes.


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