Pippa Middleton Finally Opens Up About Her Baby Boy!

Pippa Middleton shares a little bit of information about her son for the first time!

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Kate Middleton's sister, Pippa Middleton, delivered her son back in October 2018. Pippa has yet to share much about her baby Arthur. Pippa never wanted her child to be the center of attention and never wanted him to be always having to worry about the paparazzi. She wants Arthur to have as normal a normal life and be a normal kid.

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Pippa has been out in public a couple of times with Arthur and we have gotten a few pictures of him. However, Pippa has been very secretive about her son and his development. She hasn't told us much about her son and she doesn't share a lot of pictures of him on her Instagram. For the first time, she has opened up a little bit about her beautiful son.

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Pippa has always been very open and vocal about her passion for exercising. She has shared about how she has kept in shape and she even worked out her entire pregnancy. She even shared that she lost her pregnancy weight! Pippa thought it was very important to get Arthur into exercise so that he could have confidence and health. She shares that Arthur started swimming lessons when he was 4 months old and he has gained confidence and he has found a love for the water. She mentioned that he is 6 months old now and it is his favorite activity. Pippa says that "the exercise helps guarantee sound daytime sleeps, and the movement has improved his digestion."

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We completely understand that Pippa doesn't want to share with her son. We wouldn't want somebody to follow us around taking pictures of our children either! Although we completely understand that she wants to keep him a secret we also love hearing updates randomly about little Arthur! We hope the family is happy and healthy! Thank you for sharing with us Pippa!

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